Nobel Prize Winner Fulfills Promise To Leave US After Trump Victory


DailyCaller: The winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize for literature says he has fulfilled a pre-election promise to cut up his green card and leave the United States if Donald Trump was elected president.

“I have already done it, I have disengaged [from the United States]. I have done what I said I would do,” Wole Soyinka, an 82-year-old Nigerian poet and playwright, told Agence France-Presse at an education conference in South Africa on Thursday.

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  1. Wole Soyinka? Oh No! Not him! How in the world have we done this to ourselves? Is there a way to reverse this? Should Trump concede?

  2. Here is some of what Wole is denying we Americans by his departure

    Peppers green and red—child—your tongue arch
    To scorpion tail, spit straight return to danger’s threats
    Yet coo with the brown pigeon, tendril dew between your lips.

    bravo, bravo sir. WTF is this Nigerian scammer smoking

  3. First they came for the Nigerian poets but I didn’t care because I am not a Nigerian poet.
    Then they came for the disgruntled Islamic Somali engineering students but I didn’t care because I didn’t attend Ohio State.

    Where is this going? Beats me.

  4. Not a complete disappointment. But was hoping it was about another worthless prize winner for when he and his family finally move t-f out of our Pennsylvania Ave. government housing.

  5. Not gonna happen. The liberals have put Nigerian poets and playwrights on the endangered species list. They’ve already formed a drum circle around him.

  6. It’s a darn shame that both Barry & Hillary didn’t pledge to leave America if Trump won the election.
    I’m sure many people would volunteer to help them pack. They’d even cage Barry’s little Iranian pet that’s been the WH for eight years for the journey.

  7. Hey you deplorables, have some respect for Doctor Wole. After all he taught at N Y U, Harvard, and Yale. But could never master water faucets, cab rides, and air conditioning. That’s why he returned to the ould sod, to die in peace.

  8. ya know, there’s this old saying….

    something like…..good riddance to bad garbage….

    just might be applicable here…..

    here’s hoping he’s not the last……looking for a tsunami of emigrants, based on their promises……

    not expecting many of them to keep their word, of course…lying leftists have this weird tendency to lie…

    fidel trudeau jr notwithstanding, our neighbors to the north are just a weebit more finicky about whom they allow into their country than we are…….

    which should be a lesson to us……just as the border security on mexico’s SOUTHERN border should let us understand how mexico REALLY feels about BORDERS…….

    just as long as they flow in the “correct” direction……

    too bad our “freedom of the press” professionals can’t remember the POINT of the first amendment – which is that a WELL-INFORMED electorate is necessary for free and fair elections…..we’ve seen what happens when the “free press” decides that the electorate does NOT need to know the facts, that, in fact, they have colluded to support one candidate over the other – because OMG, TRUMP!!!!….but that was nothing compared to the way they presented their Messiah, the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT….

    there is no excuse for their corruption; it has been IN OUR FACE since the election of Ronald Reagan, and pretty visible to any one who was paying attention for years before that…

    the Donald needs to revoke the credentials of any so-called “journalists” who take sides, who ask loaded questions, or who are in the pay of lobbyists or either party….these people are not journalists……they are moles….

    i don’t like moles….

  9. Never heard of him and I really don’t care,just get the hell out–NOW and take Rosie, Cher and Whoopi with you.

  10. Gee … now I got the sads … just like Mrs. Clinton …

    Wole, Wole, Wole! Your name woulda been right up there with George Gordon’s if only you had had some semblance of poetic mastery! Back to Nigeria, I guess, where the izlamists can cut your fukkin head off.

    A moment of silence, please, for the passing of a … what?

    izlamo delenda est …

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