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‘Nobody asked for this’: TV series on Hillary Clinton in ‘alternative universe’ draws jeers


Fans of Hillary Clinton will be delighted to hear the news that an upcoming movie about the embittered, twice-failed presidential candidate is moving along and has reportedly cast two big names to portray her in the project.

According to showbiz website Variety, the adaptation of the novel “Rodham” which depicts an alternate version of Hillary’s career if she hadn’t married her notorious, philandering husband, has added star power with actress Claire Danes and Dakota Fanning set to play the Democrat at different stages of her life once it finds a home.

Variety reports that Hulu has passed on the project which has been “in development at the streamer since summer 2020” and that it is currently being shopped to other streaming services and it will undoubtedly find a fiercely loyal if limited audience once it comes to fruition. more

25 Comments on ‘Nobody asked for this’: TV series on Hillary Clinton in ‘alternative universe’ draws jeers

  1. File this under- not knowing when to quit and buy an island and keep your ill begotten gains in some distant corrupt country that can be bought off.

  2. Uncle Al
    MAY 16, 2022 AT 10:21 AM
    “I’d prefer an alternate universe in which H-ROD was still-born.”

    …how about one where she was ABORTED?

    …poetic justice, that…

  3. Latching onto Slick Willie was the only way she could have ever elevate3d herself to one of the most reviled women in politics.

  4. Cmn¢¢guy
    MAY 16, 2022 AT 10:22 AM
    “Let me guess, in this fictional alternate reality, she becomes President.”

    …only if she can mud wrestle it away from Earf Presiment Stacey Abrams…


    (…now sear the image of Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams into your mind…)


  5. @SNS — You’re right about the justice, but I just couldn’t bring myself to wish for her abortion when there was a satisfactory alternative!

    If we’re into gruesome: she survives an abortion attempt but is strangled by her umbilical cord during birth and ends up severely brain damaged and lives her life wiping down the tables at Chuck E. Cheese?

  6. Hopefully they’ll make posters for it – the outhouse @ my bugout retreat could uses some more toiletpaper.

  7. Uncle Al
    MAY 16, 2022 AT 10:38 AM
    “… ends up severely brain damaged…”

    …are you sure she’s NOT? She seems to be so completely lacking in empathy, mercy, or any basic human decency that SOME part of her brain must have been anoxic to explain it, or maybe she was half a pair of twins conjoined at the hip and they could only save ONE, so they cut the GOOD one away…

    ….hey, there’s a DIFFERENT alternate reality story idea. Let this be what happened, but in the alternate timeline, they cut EVIL Hillary, OUR Hillary, away.

    …just imagine her being as implacably, persistently, doggedly GOOD as she has been evil in reality, and you could make quite a show, especially the part where she works on the Trump campaign…

  8. As Irate Nate indicated, if she hadn’t married Billy Boy, we would not have heard of her except, perhaps, as the disgraced staffer fired from the Watergate investigation.

  9. How about an ending with a firing squad? Or a gallows? Or an electric chair? Or a lethal injection? Or better yet an arkancide?

  10. Alternate History: Hillary is arrested, jailed, and disbarred for being an unethical, dishonest lawyer who conspired to violate the Constitution, rules of the House, rules of the Committee, and rules of confidentiality. Once she gets out of jail she remains in obscurity for the rest of her life and no one in the general public ever hears about her.

  11. “…it will undoubtedly find a demented if miniscule audience once it comes to fruition.”


  12. Maybe in this version she’ll actually be able to bake some cookies.

    (see? I don’t need coffee to make a deep cut before 10 am.)

  13. She’d be a nobody on her own. Even if she’d never met Bill, she’d have probably latched onto some up-and-coming, recently widowed Representative from, say, Delaware. And we’d probably be about where we are right now.

  14. …well, as long as it’s a fantasy, how about a universe where Webb Hubbell becomes President and Bill Clinton becomes Chelsea’s father?

    …yeah, pretty far feched, I know, the LAST part, anyway…

  15. In all these alternate realities, are there black people? Cuz’ I distinctly remember some jug eared time share salesman kicking her balls up into her throat.

  16. Well she certainly wouldn’t have done a thing in politics. Maybe a failed run for city council. The wine and kitty litter aisle would be her natural home. Charisma, a characteristic political folks need. Some lack it but when it becomes whatever the opposite of charisma is, well then, no politics for you. Sorry the narrative’s ruined dear.

  17. It’ll be a gangster film, right? She’ll be smoking cigars and brandishing a Tommy Gun, right? Sex scene with Ward Hubble, Right? In the end, she gets zapped in the Arkansas hot seat or gets blown away by Juanita Broderick, a dual ending for different audiences, Right? I’ll go see it, hell yeah!

  18. HULU passed on the thing to make (more) room for those homo films they often air. Imagine airing a film about some sagging and rejected housewife whose horny-husband exploits female interns who ended up ungraciously trying to peddle knock-off handbags made in Communist China slave factories.

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