‘Nobody believes you’: Jussie Trudeau Gets Grilled

Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre grills Justin Trudeau on how much his family has received from the WE Charity while he testifies.

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  1. The majority of Canadian voters are as domesticated as sheep.

    Justin Trudeau has never answered a question with a straight answer. He continuously lies and prevaricates. Repeating, ad nauseam, some rehearsed response crafted to specifically NOT answer a question is classic Trudeau, which further endears him to his fawning supporters.

    His arrogance and proclivity for openly flauting the law make Bubba and Obama look like amateurs. That he was re-elected is a condemnation of both the Canadian people and the opposition. Not that we are any better, having re-elected both Bubba and Obama (…and my own state elected Bro. Mitt as US Senator. What an embarrassment.) We are only a few steps behind Canada in the domestication/enslavement process.

  2. Little sparkle socks, just like Obama, is a joke in the eyes of most of the world.
    Rational people in both countries find both of the creeps to be a national embarrassment.
    In both cases they seem oblivious to that fact.

  3. Doesn’t matter.
    Anyone who doesn’t realize by now that he’s a lying piece of shit is too stupid to help – AND – they don’t care that he’s a lying piece of shit – they think it’s cute – or funny – or clever – or whatever – just as millions of Americans thought Bill Clinton was cute, or funny, or clever, or whatever.

    We see what we want to see – we impart to these maggots something in our psyches which explains or overlooks their greed, avarice, hatefulness, corruptions, and duplicities.

    I don’t know why that is; but there it is.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Pierre is currently our best politician but he is not running for the leadership of the conservative party. The actual candidates are currently infighting with each other and have been acting like Republican RINO’s where they currently are elected.

    Not much hope up here.

    This was the FIRST time that Turdeau had no where to hide with direct questions face to face. Any other time it was in parliament or behind closed doors. He really looked like a piece of shit.
    Unfortunately the youth was face buried in their cell phones and the adults were watching the resumption of Baseball & the NHL Hockey Tournament in “the Bubble”.

    Turd will eventually step aside, & one of his underlings will take over.
    Same Shit Different day.

  5. But the female sheeple of the country think he is so cute with his wavy hair!
    he is named Trudeau, the only name they recognize when it comes time to vote.

  6. The front pages of the newspapers certainly noted he didn’t answer any questions directly but instead danced around them. If the newspapers finally noticed that then there’s hope.

    @Kcir; have you read any of the positions or watched the debates between O’Toole, Sloan, MacKay and Lewis, or the townhalls? These four (with the possible exception of MacKay who’s been a Red Tory forever but even he would be a better alternative then another Trudeau term) the remaining three all represent a real turn back to the conservative roots. I’d rank Sloan first, Lewis second and O’Toole third although it’s likely that final result would be O’Toole then Lewis then Sloan with MacKay bringing up the rear. Take a close look at them I think you’ll be surprised. In any event anyone of them would be better for Canada then Biden would be for the US especially if the GOP keeps the Congress and wins the Senate.

  7. If Trudeau wants to remove the suspicion that he is the son of Fidel Castro he’s not trying very hard. He looks more like Fidel every time I see him.

  8. Jussie has a second term for PM the same way Democrats get elected governor in Washington State: that’s what people in the high population areas (primarily Ontario) voted for. Most of the rest of the country wanted to get rid of him at the end of his first term.


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