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Nobody Cares About Britney Spears – This is a Post About AI Filters

Britney Spears has been desperately trying to become relevant in 2024. We’re going to give her a bit of notoriety but for the wrong reasons.

This is a typical mentally ill dance Britney does on Instagram. This was posted 2 days ago.

video here —>

Notice her body.

Below are paparazzi pictures at the very same time as this dance.

See a difference?

This is the kind of crap that gives people a bad body image of themselves because they look at the 42-year-old singer and think, “Why don’t I look like that?”


It’s all crap. It’s all disinformation

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  1. Just another victim of the entertainment industry. Too many parents sell their souls to the devil, allowing their young children to be exploited for fame and fortune. I feel sorry for Brittany Spears, adored and dropped by so many, but never guided on how yo live a healthy adult life away from fame. She is an unfortunate example of how corrupt the entertainment industry is.

  2. Several of the men in my veterans home are being targeted online. They comment on a celebrity or influencer and someone pretending to be that celebrity or influencer reaches out to them in DMs. One of my guys was utterly convinced that Shania Twain was going to shack up with him once he recovered and got out of the nursing home but needed his help setting up a love shack that she could take refuge in from her philandering husband. He had been sending this person his monthly allotment that was left over from his SSDI and military pension that didn’t get applied to the nursing home.

    This person had made videos using her appearance and made it look and sound like she was speaking directly to him and called him by name. I got our social worker team involved, and they’ve had to do this several times for other vets.

    One of them traveled from CA to TN thinking a woman was waiting for him, similar MO to the aforementioned vet. Long conversations proclaiming soulmates and future together hot and heavy in a loveshack feathered with gunds forwarded by him. When he realized what happened he had an actual cardiac event and a stroke. Suffered significant brain damage. Family won’t fly him back to CA because apparently he gave the catfisher almost all of his money so now he’s in TN until he dies. Looks like we’re his new family now.

  3. Too many women want to dress like they’re 16 forever, despite all the awful, bloated, cellulite-loaded, wrinkled, saggy-kneed evidence to the contrary. Class and modesty are hard to find these days.


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