Nobody Even Thought About Getting An F-15

Until He Brought Them Up.

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  1. Todays Babylon Bee one ups joey with the headline, Bass Pro Shops announces 2 for 1 sale on all nuclear missiles. It reminds me of Rush’s hilarious Barnacle Brothers parody commercial with 2 bars of pure Plutonium for a buck but only if you get there before their unannounced sale is over in one minute and they don’t tell you where they’re located. The Barnacle Bros. commercial and the Spatula City commercial were 2 of my favorite Rush parodies ever. I believe that Rush must of have been a huge fan of Firesign Theater just because even playing Beat The Reaper occasionally.

  2. F-15s? Who has a govt surplus F-15s? I want one too! Didn’t even realize that was an option.

    How about ICBMs? All those launch control bunkers had missiles, so with the shortage of Civilian Marksmanship Garands, are they handing those out at Bass Pro?

  3. I just put down a twenty dollar deposit on one of them F-15’s at the local Army Surplus stores.

  4. Funny thing is, Iran has some nukes they’d probably let go pretty cheap for use in America. NoKo, too. France is chuck full of nukes and if the filthy fukkin ragheads get their hands on em, I’m sure they’d sell a few over here.
    They come in surprisingly small packages, and our Affirmative Action Security and Spook Forces would be hard-pressed to keep them out without all that “racist, patriarchal” technology.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Joe just babbles incoherent words to the gaggle of microphone pointing stooges while his inner thoughts are cluttered with the pornographic images of young girls.
    I wouldn’t be shocked to find that he demands daily limo rides past school playgrounds.

  6. Which comedian writes this stuff for Joe?
    His ignorance is surpassed by his arrogance.
    Was this supposed to be a threat if we don’t turn in all semi-automatic rifles? Will the ATF and FBI Swat teams search house to house.
    Dementia is progressing.

  7. I got my F-15 at Joe’s Hair Repair and Surplus Center. See Dr. Jill for a FREE head evaluation and check out their HUGE selection of NUKES marked down for 4th of July clearance.

  8. Biden hasn’t had an original idea in decades. In this case he steals Swalwell’s comment about nuking American citizens and adapts it to fit his pathetic comments. FJB

  9. I kinda agree that not everyone should have nukes. I really don’t think I want my ex-wife to have them.

  10. I’ve always wanted a Photon torpedo so I could nuke jackasses who either hog the left lane or old farts who drive slower than molasses in the left lane trying to pass. Or a rear facing one to nuke annoying tail gaters. Can you imagine how much fun Dennis Weaver could’ve had in Duel if he’d had a photon torpedo to nuke that jackass semi driver who was tailing his ass in that movie.

  11. Hey Jackass Joe! When the Proctologist sticks his finger in yer mouth, itz a good indicator that you need to pull yer head outta yer ass!

  12. 🖕😁🖕 Biden!

    I’ve wanted a couple of MX MISSILES in MY backyard for DECADES! 😈

    NOTHING would keep the gummint more honest, than if We The People ALL had TWO – one aimed at D.C., the other at our state capital! 🤔

  13. So, let’s recap. The federal government will sell F-15 to authoritarian potential enemies of America but they wouldn’t sell one to you. Is that because you don’t know how to use the machine? Or is it because they consider you to be the real enemy

  14. No one needs to. The Biden commentary is moronic. You don’t drop a bomb on a house to kill a fly. You use a fly swatter.

    There are so many ways — from trucker and farmer boycotts to computer hacking to infrastructure sabotage to guerilla tactics to refusing to pay taxes and more — that could completely shut down the government…

  15. I can’t afford an F15. But I CAN afford an AR15.
    Close enough.

  16. I always wanted an Iowa class battleship with it’s 16 inch/50 caliber guns. I’ve always been a rifleman at heart.

    The barrel life is a problem though. IIRC it was something like 290 rounds before they were shot out

  17. I’ve always wanted a few RPG’s. I just went online and found that they are going up in price. Supply and demand I guess.


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