Nobody Flips The Script On The Media Better Than Trump…Nobody

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  1. I love how President Trump gave that reporter nothing he could use. I’m sure that one lesson Mr. Trump has learned is not to give a prefacing statement. He now just give them the beat down they deserve.

  2. So very true! LOL!

    Megan Kelly: “You’ve called women dogs, pigs, fat slobs…”

    POTUS Trump: (interrupting) “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

    And everyone thinks, “Yeah, that O’Donnell woman is a fat slob. And she’s vile, too!”

  3. RadioMattM, did you notice how the NBC journo hack tried to interrupt Trump when he saw that his “question” was going sideways, and Trump just steam-rolled over him. That tactic is just as crucial as turning the attack back on the journo.

    Too many Republicans trying to answer journo “questions” let themselves get interrupted when the journo hears unacceptable pushback. Keep talking, louder if needed, and just hammer your point. That is what the journo is doing to you.

  4. Thirdtwin: it is about time that people keep going on with their answers, steamrolling the person who asked the question. I have seen that in Senate and House hearings (but there the people asking questions are able to say “This is my time and you don’t get to say anything if I don’t want you to say it”).

    Somebody should just say “Tough luck if my answer is not what you want to hear but it is still my answer.”


    There are multiple ways to answer a political question.

    1. Flip the script is the best,
    “Sir, what’s the weather like today?”
    “Well you know who will never be able to answer that? Mary Jo Kopechne, thanks to drunken Ted Kennedy.”

    2. Distract, “Well the REAL question the American people are asking is….”

    3. Long opening statement before answering, “I’d just like to say, before answering that, that my economy for the last 4 years, we have done…”

    4. Long winded boring answer. By the time they are finished, no one knows what the question was to begin with.

    5. The Jay Carney.
    “Sir, what’s the weather like?”
    “I’d refer you to the Weather Channel.”

    “Sir, is the FBI investigating this situation?
    “I’d refer you to the FBI.”

    “Sir, are you the White House communications director?”
    “I’d refer you to the White House for that answer.”

    “Sir, we are IN the White House.”
    “I’d refer you to the Chamber of Commerce to verify that.”

    6. The Hillary, argue and lie.
    “You said you were against gay marriage.”
    “Well, if you check the record, I’ve always been consistent on that issue.”
    “We did, you were against it.”
    “Well, I checked too, and I was never against it.”
    *Stare at each other*

  6. My opinion of the human shit infesting the ‘news’ media parallels my opinon of most of congress, most of academia and most of hollywood.

    Off with all their heads.

  7. Trump is a master at this. I love how he tells the reporter that it’s the news media that’s problem. Fake news, get out of here! Trump coined it and it stuck.


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