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Nobody Likes Being Told What They’ll Be Allowed To Do On The 4th Of July

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oe Biden delivered his very first address as US President on the anniversary of the COVID lockdowns.

Virtually no one tuned in to the White House’s YouTube channel to watch dementia Joe speak gibberish for 20 minutes.

Joe Biden’s doom and gloom speech was not inspiring at all. He lied about Trump and threatened Americans with indefinite lockdowns if we don’t wear masks and maintain social distancing.

Biden actually believes he has the authority to tell Americans who we can spend the Fourth of July with. More

Other objects to the occupant of the WH suggesting dictates on how the 4th of July will be celebrated this year. Here and Here

Objections to the overall totalitarian tone of Biden’s address last night. Here

22 Comments on Nobody Likes Being Told What They’ll Be Allowed To Do On The 4th Of July

  1. My God this July 4th is going to be a massive, MASSIVE deplorable “FUCK YOU” to the democrat party. Look up the Streisand Effect. These people are so stupid that it hurts my head to share the same planet as them.

  2. Oh Lord, how much longer??? I honestly dont know how much more of this assininity I can take.

  3. I’m old enough now to officially not give a shit what the government thinks I should or should not do. They don’t follow the law. Why should I?… or anyone else for that matter?

  4. Go to hell, Joe. I’ll spend the 4th like I have every year since I was a kid…with family and/or friends, without a damn mask, doing whatever I damn well please.

  5. I see Biden’s and the rest of the Democrat’s overreach as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity of contrast. Obviously, I would have preferred Trump in a second term. Since that is moot, Let us contrast that with Biden’s overreach and eventual ineptness toward reading what the American people want and need. He could be useful.

  6. No.

    I don’t care what this fraud says. He isn’t president and even if he was, I don’t take orders.

  7. I’m with you Chuckie, I’m gonna party like it’s 1999. 😉 Those were the good ol’ days.

    By the way Joe, how about pounding some sand. 🤬

  8. I do not require permission from or the approval of, any dildo Bureaucrat to celebrate Independence day in any way I choose, in any location I choose. Kiss my ‘Merican Ass. I’ll be where I want, with who I want and I’ll eat whatever I want. Piss off Biden.

  9. Dark winter indeed. This asshole is Scrooge, Grinch, Simon Legree, Nero, Mussolini, Hugo Chávez, Darth Vader and a poison Ivy plant all rolled into one. Who the hell elected this clown anyway? Very few people have come forward to claim it.

  10. @Jason

    You make a valuable point. Biden has done a bunch of fool things in his first 6 weeks that has drawn a very sharp distinction between he and Trump. The border, transsexuals in sports, ending the Keystone, etc. Moderates and some liberals will begin to see the stark difference and there are going to be lots more of those things that will sharply differentiate the conservative vs the leftist perspective.

    I wouldn’t call Biden a Godsend, but the bumbling old fool has become the face and voice of liberalism – that favors us. He’ll go down like Jimmy Carter – weak and weaker.

  11. The most outrageous thing is being told, point blank, what one will be “allowed” & “not allowed” to do. Liberals have two ways of thinking, either something is mandatory or it must be banned. To them it equals power that must be wielded over the commoners.

  12. LOL, I’m gonna do the same thing I did last July fourth, go to an outdoor pig roast and bonfire with 100+ folks and exercise the right to assemble and pursue some gastrointestinal happiness. Biden, and other gov’t dorks can go pound sand.


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