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Noem Won’t Back GOP Bill Banning Vaccine Mandates: They Can Work Elsewhere

The Republican governor has, though, banned vaccine mandates for employees in state and local government in SD. MORE

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  1. Smacks of talking out of both sides of her mouth. The mandate is either right or it’s wrong, you can’t have it both ways.

  2. “They Can Work Elsewhere”
    And they’re free to take them anywhere they want. Here’s the deal. Its the Dakotas. More accurately a woman in the Dakotas. Just smart enough and experienced enough to register a pulse.

  3. @stirrin

    “The mandate is either right or it’s wrong, you can’t have it both ways.”

    I think what she is saying is that Federal or State mandates for the vaccine are wrong, but businesses should be given the latitude to run their business any way they want without government interference. And as a free-market capitalist who wants a minimalist government footprint on everything, I can see her point.

    If a company wants to mandate Hawaiian shirt Fridays or Taco Tuesdays, it should have the legal right to do that and if employees don’t like it then they can work someplace else. If Smith Widget Company wants to mandate the vaccine but Jones Widget Company across the street decides they will not, trained widget makers will go work for Jones if the vaccine is an issue, and widget buyers can patronize Jones over Smith because they like how Jones runs their business.

    The Governor did say, “I will continue to evaluate the situation” which means that she is keeping an open mind and is amenable to changing her mind. This is more than what we get from most politicians, I’ll give her that.

  4. This whole approval nonsense grinds on me so bad. Mandating based on the false classification of “fully approved” is such a nasty trick.
    I’ve read the letters to Pfizer from the FDA. All the FDA has done is acknowledge the EUA. It’s still EUA, nothing on that front has changed. Media and politicians running around saying, look there’s no reason not to get it because it’s FULLY APPROVED is a horrible false statement. This is still being distributed, and will continue for the foreseeable future, under the EUA label. Studies on myocarditis and the brand name, Comirnaty, have a timeline to completion of May 31, 2027.

    Do you really think, with all the variations, covid19 will be anywhere near what it is today by 2027? Well, they are going to keep studying guinea pigs until then to let you know sometime afterwards you destroyed your heart by taking this “vaccine.”

    Whatever, keep on jabbing yourself every 8 months, 9 more times, under the belief it’s FULLY APPROVED before the studies are concluded when this MIGHT come off EUA and the FDA recalls it based on studies.

    Such a scam. So sad.

  5. Rich Taylor

    I don’t think Taco Tuesday or a Hawaiian shirt Friday will risk your life or your fertility. My youngest sons significant other is a registered nurse now being told she needs to get the jab. Mean while all of Europe is telling people don’t have kids for three years after the jab. Where’s the truth? Gov Noem has shot herself in the foot too many times to take seriously any longer.

  6. I’m afraid Ms. Noem has RINO written all over her! She can’t be trusted to support the ideals that conservatives expect to be supported. I’m really disappointed in that, I thought she had national level politics in her future. I wanted to vote for her.

  7. “I don’t think Taco Tuesday or a Hawaiian shirt Friday will risk your life or your fertility.”

    Very true, but nobody (so far, we aren’t Australia yet) is making anyone take the vaccine against their will. No business owes anyone a job, that’s not how it works in the free markets. Employers create a business environment that is best conducive to making money and employees get to decide where they want to work. Part of the American dream is that there are no barriers, no classes, and no impedements, we get to decide our own fate.

  8. They’re all going to disappoint at some point. All of them.

    If you can, go to your church’s pastor and get “the letter” that exempts you based on religion. If you’re pastor doesn’t agree, get a new church or — better yet — take him to task on the same argument. God gives us our right in the U.S. They need a reminder.

  9. Rich Taylor
    Hospitals and Medical groups are currently forcing employees to get the jab or get fired across the country. Their insurance carriers are the culprits.

  10. @Rich Taylor

    But, why is it then, that some companies have to bake cakes they don’t want too by government and judicial fiat?

  11. The problem with exemptions is-
    If you hand them an exemption, you’re agreeing that they have the right to mandate the shot, but YOU just don’t want it.

  12. Shit, I can’t wait til black people are taken away by authorities for trying to get food without a vaxport. They can’t go to a restaurant. They can’t go to school. The optics will be awesome!

    It’s okay, they can go somewhere else. Perhaps somewhere segregated where they allow such people.

  13. The Healthcare Industry is more problematic given its close proximity to patients already medically compromised, agreed, but let’s not lose sight of the original intent of the law here. The governor wants the individual businesses to decide for themselves, removing the heavy hand of both the state and federal mandates, which is a good thing.

    Would you be in favor of the state raising the minimum wage over that of the Federal level? Or the state telling small businesses that they have to provide their employees with a matching 410K plan or a certain Cadillac plan of medical insurance or that they have to pay overtime wages over a certain amount of hours? There are a hundred different ways the government could intrude on business practices, we don’t want that.

    The idea, which I support, is to allow individual businesses to run their own affairs with minimal government regulations.

  14. Rich Taylor – none of which you described forces someone to put drugs into their body.
    But, these businesses are doing just that.

  15. No, the employees ARE being coerced. Be inoculated or lose your situation. No barriers… no impediments, what a crock of shit.

    It’s called being, “… broken up in the open field or else would have to capitulate for lack of food and ammunition.” Churchill, June 4th, 1940

    Yes, people are forced in the US to be inoculated against their will.

  16. @MJA

    “Rich Taylor – none of which you described forces someone to put drugs into their body.
    But, these businesses are doing just that.”

    No, they aren’t, see comment 10:59pm

  17. Don’t forget our Armed Forces. They are being FORCED under threat of punishment including dishonorable discharge. I really don’t think it’s a “lawful order” but that won’t matter.

    Does anyone think we have time to fix this? I don’t. The die is cast. As a country, we’ll be lucky to make it through the winter.

  18. The problem with letting business chose to do a mandate or not is that are all lining up to do do mandates with approvals from FDA. They slaves to the advice of CDC and FDA and don’t look at facts, data, and numbers themselves but rely on media and what CDC says.

  19. As it stands right now, there is no grocery store, drug store, hospital, or auto parts store, or any other store providing necessities that require anyone to show proof of the vaccine for entry. I have read about some restaurants that now require it and if the free markets work as they should they will lose business and be forced to re-evaluate.

  20. MJA, do you have a link for that? A link that says grocery stores, not restaurants, grocery stores will require proof of the jab or will deny entry.

  21. Keep in mind, I said IF. Right now, it’s all dining and anything with dining attached. You think that’s not a short hop to grocery stores? Like they’re doing in France? Australia? We get our fashion from Europe. lol

  22. OK, so you don’t have a link for grocery stores, was wondering since you specifically said that you could not grocery shop.

    As for the rest being OK, please, don’t straw man what I said. I don’t like any of it, which I’ve been pretty clear about in the several dozens of threads we have discussed this. No, my point only was that the governor’s original intent for not going along with the bill was that she would prefer the state government stay out of it. Everybody here seemed to think that she was abandoning conservatism and I wasn’t so willing to throw her uder the bus.

  23. Mercy Hospitals… show proof of inoculation or you don’t work here.

    And in the mid-west Mercy Hospitals were unmasted. The crews done dirty to the briny deep.

    Now Mercy is paying exorbitant prices to get anyone back.

    But when the FDA did their dirty-dick shit a whole many more tumble.

    It’s coercion.

  24. The best part of all of this is the Californians lecturing everybody else about why their state is fucked up. Their governor is fucked up or their state just generally sucks, and then they go fill up their own California truck at 5 bucks a gallon….It kind of works out because the Californians can only dream about a having a shitty rino governor…Senator, House Rep, et al…They got full blown democrats…and seem to like them….
    Then two posts up or down they’ll tell you that they are searching for property in other states to relocate to, to escape the nightmare that California that is….bunch of whiney know it alls….

  25. Just curious, do you have a link that says in Australia or France, that grocery stores are turning people away and will not let them buy food unless they show proof of the vaccine?

  26. I SAID IF! As an example.

    ” Rich Taylor- YES they are. If I can’t go to a grocery store unless I get jabbed, they ARE forcing me. ”

    New York City, for one, is about to limit food options for a lot of people.

    I didn’t strawman what you said. Keeping someone out of food and job for something that is none of their business, is all bad.

  27. Rich, The medical field is forcing people to get the jab if they want to continue work in the medical field. It’s all over the Internet bru.

  28. FYI, my son and his Fiancé are living in AZ. I’m telling you, all these medical groups are forcing the jab. At a time when medical help is short no less.

  29. “I didn’t strawman what you said.”

    Yes, you did by this;
    “Oh as long as grocery stores aren’t forced to, the rest is okay?”

    Where did I say the rest was okay? Where have I ever said that mask or vaccine mandates are okay?

    And saying that because restaurants are doing this that is just a natural progression that grocery stores will, that is a monumental leap. Seriously, you can’t see the difference between restaurants and stores that sell the necessities of life?

    “New York City, for one, is about to limit food options for a lot of people.”

    What do you mean by food options? ? do you mean grocery stores? and if so, please provide links.

  30. Last week, Oregon governor decreed that all health care workers must be vaccinated or be prohibited from working.

  31. “Rich Taylor – you didn’t see the people screaming in French with the shopping carts? Look for it.”

    How about you save me the time and provide it? I don’t want sweeping generalizations if France is stopping people from grocery shopping if not vaccinated, we should sknow about it.

  32. “FYI, my son and his Fiancé are living in AZ. I’m telling you, all these medical groups are forcing the jab. At a time when medical help is short no less.”

    Brad, I believe you, I think that is terrible and shortsighted. I really hope that the medical groups get sued and change their practices. No way do I condone any of this.

  33. You said the businesses have the right to do whatever they want, dude.
    That’s what I was talking about. And I never said you ‘condoned’ it.
    Don’t put words in my mouth.

    “How about you save me the time and provide it?”
    No. I told you what happened, you look.

  34. “ that is a monumental leap. ”

    I don’t see the leap. Both are business that use to cater to the customer to survive or prosper. And now they both think they can mandate to, and or punish the customer base. I’m not participating in that bull shit

  35. I gave you a link that says they are not doing what you said they are doing. If you say they are then it is incumbent upon you to provide it, otherwise, you are just making shit up.

  36. Oh you find a fact check article? AN article. What about all the other videos? Bubba even posted one. Fact check em all. lol
    Yeah, I’m making shit up. I guess you better stop commenting on my posts because I just make shit up. LOL.

  37. “I don’t see the leap.”

    Seriously, you do not see the difference between a restaurant and stores that provide the necessities of life like grocery and drug stores?

    “And now they both think they can mandate to, and or punish the customer base.”

    But grocery and drug stores are not mandating the jab for entry, some restaurants are but not grocery stores.

  38. AGAIN. I said IF grocery stores…
    And I showed you where they are going to keep people OUT of restaurants and delis, etc in NYC. Some willingly.

    Then France, the video is up there. And there are more.
    Actual people getting blocked from a grocery store and everything.

  39. Linked article-> while health passes will indeed be needed to visit shopping centres, the government has excluded supermarkets so that the public can avail essential commodities such as food even if they’re not vaccinated.

    Makes little sense. But the fact is the French government has decreed that the unvaxxed have restrictions put upon them.

    Once the camel’s nose is in the tent.
    Also, does anyone believe for one second that the government in the U.S. won’t put the hammer down on free enterprise??
    They do now.
    They can shut you down for whatever reason they want.
    Noem is meaningless to this argument.
    Vaxports are coming.
    The most lethal blow will be when health insurance will be mandated to drop coverage for people not jabbed.

  40. Yeah, well the videos are out in France. Shit, I’m in a Telegram group with French people complaining. [That’s where I saw the videos first].

  41. “I guess you better stop commenting on my posts because I just make shit up. LOL.”

    More straw manning LOL.

    If you make an assertion like you did about France not allowing nonvaxed folks to grocery shop, given how crazy that sounds, then it’s only good blog etiquette to provide the link. I found a link that said no, they are not doing it but you can’t provide one that says they are. Come on MJA, take the emotion out of it, if I made a seemingly outlandish assertion and someone challenged me on it and asked for links but none was forthcoming, you could very easily accuse me of making stuff up. Surely you can see that?

  42. Rich Taylor

    “If you haven’t been vaccinated masks are required’ . 6 weeks ago masks were required regardless. HIPPA is gone. Tell me where this is headed.

  43. You have the hots for gov and wanna defend her, that’s your issue. I don’t care.

    Outlandish? dude, Bubba gave you a link to a video and said there are more out there, but you never clicked on it.

    “given how crazy that sounds”

    Oh yeah, that’s totally crazy. Only there’s video you didn’t look at.

    “Surely you can see that?”

    Have mercy.

  44. Brad, NOW they are required regardless, even if vaccinated. Everywhere I go now, grocery stores, dollar store, CVS, Costco, I gotta wear a mask, it sucks. Even my gym requires masks, again. And as to where it’s going, nowhere good, that’s for sure.

  45. We ended up getting the Physer jab. The only info they have is you DL. So I visit my doc today for something totally unrelated and the nurse say, “Oh, I see you got vaxinated”, How’d they know?

  46. And BFH is right. It will be an issue for non-vax’d to be able to maintain their health insurance if you don’t get the jab. The thing is, if you get an EUA jab and have a problem, they can deny coverage. The so called FDA approved jab is not clear on what is actually approved. Like many here, I have regular doctor interactions, they all inquire of my jab status. So far I’m not telling them, I’m thinking that’s like saying no jab for me.

  47. Rich Taylor the government is putting pressure on businesses to mandate the vaccines, do you not ever listen to the bumbling idiot, his spokeswoman, CDC spokespeople?
    There are already all kinds of restrictions on what employers can do, some of it pretty darn stupid, but let’s say it’s alright to force an employee to get jabbed with poison in order to keep their job.

    Hospitals are shooting themselves in the foot mandating vaccines and now many of them mandating vaccines are begging for help. That is a public health safety if hospitals are understaffed.
    I know a woman who was fired in a red state for refusing to take the vaccine, a nurse who had worked at the hospital for 20 years.

    Take our Governor for instance, it was his right according to him to shut down businesses, tell bar owners when they could open and when they couldn’t, lock down nursing homes, but when it comes to preventing businesses from forcing vaccines oh no he can’t do that. When it came to after he lifted the lock down on nursing homes doing something about nursing homes still not allowing families to visit their dying family members he could do nothing then it was up to the nursing home.
    Many Republicans seemed to have no problem with that but now because they were idiots and let them inject poison in them thinks it’s okay for businesses to mandate the poison and the government should stay out of it and ignore the government is using the businesses to mandate something they know they can’t legally do.

  48. Oh shit, I forgot. The French Telegram group said as of June sometime, you have to fill out a form of EXACTLY where you were going and how long you are to be there. It’s just sick.

  49. Here’s a second video of a grocery store in France refusing entry to unvaccinated. I posted another one above. While the “fact check” says they aren’t turning away those without vax proof, the videos tell a different story. Do you believe what some guy in India wrote about France, or do you believe your own eyes?

  50. “Bubba gave you a link to a video and said there are more out there, but you never clicked on it.”

    You’re right. I didn’t see that, I was expecting a link from you.

    Let’s assume that this video is legit (No sign on the front that says it’s a grocery store, no real background on it like how did the bouncer know she was unvaxed. etc.) but if this is in fact a grocery store denying someone the right to food, this is really really troubling. But again, this goes counter to the link that I provided so, there is that.

    There are some really bad things going on in Australia and Europe now, things that I do not want happening here.

  51. By the way, Noem has it completely backwards-

    Noem claims such legislation is a slippery slope that could lead to other dictates toward businesses Republicans might not like. “If we mandate one thing, are we setting a precedent for what we are telling businesses they have to do far into the future?” Noem posed.

    She is speaking like a lib, characterizing a bill that seeks to limit government mandates and calling the bill itself the mandate. I don’t like that wordplay.
    It’s disingenuous.

  52. Rich
    El Dorado County is not following the mask mandate. Including big chain stores like Safeway. I totally believe HIPPA is dead . Everyone will soon know whether you’ve had the jab or not

  53. @Bubba’s Brother

    Thanks for the second video, that is really chilling.

    Does anyone have a link that says the government is mandating that all grocery stores are requiring proof of vaxing or is this just a few isolated stores deciding for themselves?

  54. The mask mandate is irrelevant. It’s the jab that is the issue. I hope I don’t get kidnapped and loaded on a boxcar but I’m not getting jabbed. My days are numbered as it is, I’m not playing the bastards game.

  55. By the way, businesses cannot do what they want in the U.S., and enjoy free enterprise, safe from the clutches of government mandates.

    I have no idea where anyone ever got that idea.

  56. “By the way, businesses cannot do what they want in the U.S., and enjoy free enterprise, safe from the clutches of government mandates.”

    Of course, we have a number of overpaid over staffed federal agencies that regulate business, but the goal should be with a minimalist hand targeting safety and an even playing field for all participants. Social engineering, equity, redistribution, or punishing innovation and success should not be part of the government’s hand.

  57. joe6pak and then they can refuse to treat you if you haven’t been jabbed.
    I don’t think most are seeing this slippery slope, screw this stupid Governor’s slippery slop about businesses, if these mandates are not stopped, the mandates will continue until those not jabbed cannot buy, sell, receive medical care, even get on the internet, oh yes they have discussed this as well.

    I was looking through South Dakota’s labor laws an employer can’t fire you for off company tobacco use(which they shouldn’t be allowed to), but they can fire you for refusing a jab according to this Governor.

  58. Someone please explain to me how “getting the jab” isn’t EXACTLY the same as bowing down to the mark of the beast. Either this is a dry run or it’s, in fact, the real thing.

    Revelation Chapter 13

    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  59. Noem is fearful on issues that shouldn’t be controversial.
    She was wrong on not allowing men to participate in women’s sports. She said the NCAA would sue and win. Wrong.
    Now she’s afraid of telling businesses they can not force health care decisions on employees. If she stands by that, that’s a slippery slope. Some companies could demand all women be on birth control or all employees have to take vitamins, and on and on.
    Too cowardly to make presidential decisions.

  60. Well then businesses ought to be able to ban queers and young black yutes from their businesses, too, if they want to, right krisi?

    Didn’t think so. She’s full of sht.

    it is impossible to find a republican pol that is actually on our side. That animal simply has never existed and doesn’t exist.

  61. @Beachmom

    Those are all valid concerns but we should remember that the governor is not saying that businesses can do whatever they want or make any demands on their employees that fits their societal values, existing laws preclude this.

    She also said “I am not planning to bring forth anything other than my executive order at this time,” Noem said. “I will continue to evaluate the situation though, I do have my general counsel and others looking at my authorities and what latitude I have. I know people are concerned about the government or businesses coming in and mandating vaccines to them. I have long stood on the belief that people should not be told what to do. It is a personal choice and a personal responsibility.”

    Personal choice and personal responsibility are paramount and should not be eroded in any fashion. Let’s hope she sticks with her principals.

  62. I think there’s a lot of “Throw in with us elites or get what the sheep-class get” threats going on in the background these days.

  63. I’m getting a Liz Chaney RINO vibe from Mz. “No” Noem. Never trusted her establishment Repub stuck up attitude. She’s becoming more of a problem rather than an asset.

  64. The SD lawmaker’s position is that businesses cannot demand people take a shot before getting service. Her position is that you should allow businesses to make those decisions. I’d respect her more if she said, “and that means allowing businesses to refuse service to black people too.” My point being, until businesses can truly do what they want, why is she picking this hill to plant her flag? Either businesses are free to do what they want, or they are not. We know they are not. So, back off when lawmakers are trying to implement a bill, one that is in keeping with what is already tolerated by libertarians and conservatives (telling business what they can and can’t do), and allow people to move freely in and out of establishments without injecting an experimental potion.

  65. “why is she picking this hill to plant her flag?”

    Don’t know for sure but one supposition could be that when the government “bans” anything it limits freedom and choice, it erects one more obstacle out many already present that inhibits a business from maximizing profits and from providing a safe working environment for its employees.

    “Either businesses are free to do what they want, or they are not.”

    They are free to do what they want outside of the already existing laws from present regulating agencies like the FDA,SEC,OSHA,EEOC,NLRB, etc. Maybe Noam is saying enough is enough.

    “and allow people to move freely in and out of establishments without injecting an experimental potion.”

    Yes, that would definitely be preferable.


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