NoKo children spurn candy bags from Kim Jong Un


The state-issued confections are being secretly sold at marked-down prices.

SEOUL, April 29 (UPI) — Gift bags of candy that Kim Jong Un issued for North Korean children on Kim Il Sung‘s birthday anniversary are being spurned for better quality Chinese sweets, sources say.

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9 Comments on NoKo children spurn candy bags from Kim Jong Un

  1. So Uns’ “Tastes Like Shit” candy campaign hit a roadblock, eh? Make new candy! “Now With More Girl!”

  2. Perhaps if you and your parents spent a little time in a re-education camp, your taste in candy would change…

  3. Trust me…..they are eating it and liking it too. Who wants to get the whole family 15 years hard labor in a prison camp for complaining about an inferior candy. They would eat dog shit and like it if they were told Dear Leader gave it to them.

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