NoKo Defector preaches dangers of cult worship

Reuters: For an hour each day, Kim Chung-seong, a defector from North Korea and a Christian missionary, takes to the microphone in a small Seoul studio.

At 1 a.m., his show, “Hello from Seoul, the Republic of Korea,” sends a mix of gospel music and news into North Korea, defying the isolated state’s efforts to keep its people in the dark about the world, religion and the truth about its leaders.

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“Brothers and sisters in the North, I hope this time can be a moment of prayer for a miracle that every party member of North Korea at the party congress can meet God, not take a further step into the cult of personality,” Kim said.  MORE


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  1. There have been Buddhist missionaries. How do you think Buddhism spread from India into China, Japan, and the rest of eastern Asia?

    There are no Jewish missionaries, because YHWH expected converts to come to them. Read the Old Testament.

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