NoKo Issues New National ID Cards


A North Korean initiative to issue a new type of national ID card every citizen has been restarted this month in rural areas of the country, raising fears that the campaign is really a way for authorities to discover people who have fled the country.

According to sources, authorities began the first phase of the project in Pyongyang sometime last year, with IDs issued in January 2019 to residents in cities and towns, but not to rural residents. The project was suspended due to financial difficulties before rural citizens could get their new ID cards.

“In the second round of this new ID campaign, residents in rural and mountainous regions will get their IDs,” a source from North Hamgyong province told RFA’s Korean Service Sunday.

The source said all residents are expected to have their new IDs by the end of the month.

“Last week, the village police station set a date and time and ordered the farmers to assemble to receive their new IDs,” said the source.

“But the farmers were too busy with the harvest, and don’t really care about the new ID cards, so more than half of them didn’t show up,” the source said.

“The police angrily told the people who failed to assemble to pick up their IDs at the county police station,” added the source. read more

10 Comments on NoKo Issues New National ID Cards

  1. How can they take time to assemble when dear leader has demanded an increase in their “fertilizer” quota? Poor bastids..

  2. ID’s are now required to deal with the throngs of illegal border crossers hoping to take advantage of the bounty provided by the dear leader. Although it was a well kept secret for decades the word is out and border guards have been overwhelmed.

  3. Comparisons to voter ID laws should begin any time now.

    Funny how the left likes tyranical communist regimes until they do something like this.

  4. National ID required in the USA or no get to fly away, or to get into federal facilities. Makes NoKo bad, makes US good! –Sarcasm. All Communism is bad!

    The REAL ID Act: What It Means, State by State Requirements, & Everything Else You Need To Know

    “. . . all states will need to be in compliance by October 1, 2020.”

    “REAL ID requirements don’t apply to:

    Voting or registering to vote
    Applying for or receiving federal benefits
    Being licensed by a state to drive
    Entering federal facilities that do not require identification
    Accessing health- or life-preserving services (including hospitals and health clinics), law enforcement, or constitutionally protected activities (including a defendant’s access to court proceedings)
    Participating in law enforcement proceedings or investigation
    You can continue to use your regular license or identification to do all of the items above without obtaining a Real ID.”

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