NoKo launches SLBM – IOTW Report

NoKo launches SLBM

Kim Jong Un is going to be so annoying when he grows up.


-SEOUL, July 9 (UPI) North Korea fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile early Saturday.

The test marks at least the second time Pyongyang has launched a SLBM in 2016.

According to South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff, the projectile was fired near Sinpo, in South Hamgyong Province.

Seoul’s military is still analyzing the distance it traveled, local news service Newsis reported.  MORE

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  1. Never fear, our semi-retired preezy is cuttng his European victory lap short to deal with this latest international crisis. Oh wait, he’s going to Dallas with a can of gasoline instead. Nevermind.

  2. The NoKo military is “still analyzing” the distance it went. What, are they looking around for their Stanley 75 foot measuring tape?

  3. boy dictator trying to antagonize the boy king by saying he’ll start a war with the US.
    boy king pays no attention, he’s already started the war on the US.

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