NoKo military goods on sale on eBay

Many of the items are from the present North Korean era of Kim Jong Un.
noko military items for sale on ebay

SEOUL, May 19 (UPI) — North Korean military uniforms, medals and other state-sanctioned items are on sale on online auction sites like eBay.

The goods, some of them from sellers in China, also include contemporary propaganda posters and other paraphernalia, Radio Free Asia reported.

Typing in “North Korea” yields about 8,500 search results on the U.S. auction site. According to the report, 7,000 North Korea state items were on auction in 2015, up from 5,000 in 2014.

 Many of the items are from the present North Korean era of Kim Jong Un and propaganda work that idolizes Kim, music, film and posters are available online.   more

8 Comments on NoKo military goods on sale on eBay

  1. If KJU’s left foot comes up for sale let me know. He’d never miss it, and given how fat he is I don’t think he stands or walks much any more, plus with his girth he may not even notice it’s missing. I’d use it to kick authoritarian collectivists.

  2. Gotta feeling this year’s Democratic Part convention will look like North Korea’s “Workers” Party Congress. Outcome will be equally predetermined.

  3. @ hanoverfist – bingo! As a show of support and utter cluelessness, all the Che tshirt Progtards will now rush out to buy swag from the Hereditary Kommunist Kingdom of North Korea….and if any of them ae reading this thread right now, they are so stupid that they wouldn’t understand the disgustingly corrupt oxymoron of a hereditary communist kingdom.

  4. One fat guy in a country of starvation.

    If that doesn’t epitomize socialism, I don’t know what does.

    Thanks, Dems and Rinos, for trying to bring it here!

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. So, how much is some of that swag going for. . . in US dollars, of course. Probably pretty cheap, with the exchange rate.

    I’ll look for one NoKo general’s uniform, complete with medals from collarbone to waist, lightly used, last worn at an artillery test firing that he happened to be standing in front of.

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