Nolte: 3 Reasons Trump’s Pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Awesome

Breitbart: Biases up front. I’m no fan of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The publicity-seeking, the grandstanding — that’s never a good look for a lawman. And the following might result in the revocation of my Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Platinum Card, but I did not approve of his treatment of prisoners. The tent cities. The pink underwear. The piping in of classical and patriotic music.

I am all in favor of locking up constitutionally convicted bad guys, most especially violent bad guys. But once we got someone, it is our responsibility to be as humane as possible. I’m not talking feather pillows and saunas. But there’s nothing wrong with televisions, decent food and air conditioning.

SNIP: Yeah, well, too bad. No one has a right to television and A/C in or out of jail and the prisoners were fed better than most people in 3rd world nations. If the prisoners don’t like it, then they shouldn’t commit crimes.


President Trump’s decision to grant Arpaio a “full and unconditional pardon” was awesome, and not only an appropriate use of his constitutional powers, it was a courageous decision, one that righted yet another example of the judicial tyranny that so plagues our nation. Here are three reasons why…

1. Sheriff Joe Is Guilty Only of Upholding the Law.  

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  1. I hate these “yes, but” articles. I don’t care about the writers point of view not related to the facts.

    Sheriff Joe wasn’t put through a show trial by a crooked leftist judge because the prisoners looked pretty in pink.

    He was on trial because he enforced duly passed immigration law after one left wing judge’s opinion was that he shouldn’t. A corrupt DOJ used law to railroad a citizen, denying him due process of a trial by jury.

    Those are the facts that should be reported, not writer’s prejudices.

  2. Why is it that right-wing people always have to sound Congenial?

    “I don’t agree with EVERYTHING so-and-so says…”

    “Yes, he shouldn’t have done THAT, but….”

    Why do we have to beat up our side a little to appease the left-wing, try to make it sound “fair and balanced” then continue on defending him/her, when the left-wing will just zero in on the negative comments willingly given, and then ask you to give more details -forever, then only publish those details?

    How about:
    1. Defend him/her completely, and entirely
    2. If they fight back, attack the democrats for all their unpunished criminals

    Go on offense ALL THE TIME, not BEDWETTERS like Paul Ryan who turns-coat as soon as the left-wing media demands it.

  3. Trump may well have destroyed western civilization with this pardon and I find that completely unexcusible

  4. “The pink underwear.”
    I’ve read that the underwear was dyed pink in an attempt to thwart its theft in its undyed form. Apparently prisoners who were ‘weekenders’ were taking the underwear with them and not returning with it the next weekend. Budgetary constraints. And it worked in that respect, but was spun by the MSM to be an attempt at humiliation. Joe’s prisoners were treated respectfully, and their testimony attests to that.

  5. Cromulently noted.

    Political witch hunt from start to finish. The White Hut got involved in a local Sheriff’s election with a crooked judge.

    All they could muster was a misdemeanor contempt charge for enforcing the law after being ordered to not enforce by the people who refused to enforce the law after suing to determine only they could enforce the law.

    Fuck them and their butthurt feelings. Clinton pardoned FALN terrorists too to win her seat in NY. Clinton demanded bribes for pardons. Preezy DownLow pardoned guys who blew for coke and murderers who have since been reincarcerated for murder.

    A misdemeanor contempt charge got pardoned. If the media has a problem with it, they can go fuck themselves.

  6. Remember, Joe was prosecuted because he would not back down from paying an investigator to come up with a rock solid case proving Ocommie’s birth certificate was a complete fraud. Ocommie’s Justice Dept. fired back by threatening Joe. If Joe had backed down, he would not have been prosecuted for doing his job.

  7. He’s cool! Groucho Marxist is a master of sarcasm, and has been an iotw reader from damn near the beginning. He’s also my friend. But don’t hold that against him. LOL.

  8. the way I judge the effectiveness of Prez Trump’s latest action or statement is by how apoplectic the Left & RINOs get.

    Trump hit a grand slam outta the ballpark with Sheriff Joe’s pardon.

  9. Liberals are confused. Jail should be a miserable place. No room service, no TV, no internet, no Neiman Marcus uniforms, no air conditioning, no weight lifting, no cell phones, no video games.
    Make it a place you never want to come back to.

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