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Nolte: Big Fat Liar Elizabeth Banks Blames Sexism for ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Flop

Breitbart: Prior to Charlie’s Angels (2019) fiery death at the box office, writer-director-star Elizabeth Banks had already formulated sexism as an excuse for her coming flop. Per IndieWire:

Prior to the movie’s disastrous opening weekend, Banks gave an interview to the Herald Sun that is now proving to be somewhat controversial. The filmmaker, who also wrote and produced “Charlie’s Angels” and stars in the movie as Bosley, called out a potential box office bomb as being sexist. “Look, people have to buy tickets to this movie, too. This movie has to make money,” she said. “If this movie doesn’t make money it reinforces a stereotype in Hollywood that men don’t go see women do action movies.”

To explain away the box office success of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, two female-led smashes, Banks added, “They’ll [meaning: evil men] go and see a comic book movie with Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel because that’s a male genre.”

“So even though those are movies about women, they put them in the context of feeding the larger comic book world, so it’s all about, yes, you’re watching a Wonder Woman movie but we’re setting up three other characters or we’re setting up ‘Justice League,’” she added.

Banks’s comments are not only a pathetic act of pre-emptive crybabying, they are a bald-faced lie.

First off, Charlie’s Angels (2019) is not just a flop. That $8 million opening weekend is a catastrophe a humiliation, and hopefully a wake-up call that no one — man, woman, young, old — is interested in these obnoxious, joyless, sexless, woketard movies. Keep reading

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  1. Or maybe it just sucked, like the ‘remake’ of Ghostbusters.

  2. Success has a thousand fathers but failure’s a mother isn’t it Mrs. Banks?

  3. Maybe she should put on something sexy and go make some sammichs.

  4. …show it on the big screen at a Bengals game. Whats 0x0 again?

  5. For starters, your remake of a remake was intended to cash in on the me too wokeness movement. Your premise was flawed and thus your movie stank. Get over it.
    Try this instead:
    Write an original movie, with three tough woman leads.
    Tell a good story. Give your characters good motivations
    Tell only that story, and quit trying to insert what you believe are universal truths of the day. Its pandering and people hate it.

  6. joe6pak
    NOVEMBER 19, 2019 AT 11:07 AM
    “Maybe she should put on something sexy and go make some sammichs.”

    …dunno, this is pretty…not…good…, and I don’t think I want it touching my FOOD, either, it’s pretty angry and angry women are historically pretty accomplished poisoners…,offset-y0.5

  7. …I’ll be honest, tho, I didn’t even know this existed before today, and I don’t really CARE, either.

    …any time I want woke stupidity, it’s as close as the latest lies from the Schiffhole, and THOSE are at LEAST entertaining enough to MOCK…

  8. SNS, you’re right, she looks kind of mean. Maybe she should just go away.

  9. Another remake, and of a bad TV show…

    Not interested, I guess many feel the same as I do.

  10. The original CA’s were beautiful. These 3 are just skanks.

  11. Remaking movies and sequels to go full woketard feminazi on classics is always going to end up the same way. It isn’t entertaining and no one wants to see males hero’s become females or have a formerly hot cast of women turned into a gender neutral gaggle of diverse women. What a lame reaction. She made a bad movie and the audience votes with their wallet and opted to go see one of the better movies like Midway or Ferrari vs Ford.

  12. Ms. Banks is just another self-loathing Hollywood Jew. They’re a dime a dozen.

  13. I can’t comment

    I haven’t been to a movie in 15 years

    got rid of my cable too

    make something worth watching I might go see it

  14. With roughly half the population female, women seem to be just as sexist.

  15. Men go to war and look mean and woman produce babies and look good! That is, until the Democrats are able to reverse that premise in fictional song, dance and movies!

  16. I know a movie will bomb based on how many Youtube ads I’m forced to watch before finally getting to Jay Leno’s garage.

  17. Who cares really? Friggin’ Hollywood can’t even come up with an original screenplay to make a movie anymore. It’s all sequels, remakes, re-releases, Director’s cuts and releases with the idiotic catch phrases like “never before released scenes” and “added out-takes”. The funny part is that now they have to issue trigger warnings that old Disney cartoons are somehow racist.

    deus nobis auxilium

  18. So, she was saying, “If this movie makes money, it will all be thanks to men.”?


    Or did she say, “You suck! No matter what you do! Because you exist! Now pay me!!”?

  19. Actually, the original concept of the Charlie’s Angels teevee show was “sexist”. The whole point was to oogle young, scantily-clad women bouncing around on the screen. The target demographic was lonely adolescent boys. It was never a show about empowering women. The kind of guys who were attracted to the crappy original show don’t Want to see women beating up guys. The macho woman action movies are so cliche hardly anyone cares anymore, And there aren’t enough lesbians to support this crap.

  20. Female heroes kicking men around like dolls is stupid and boring. I wouldn’t watch that shit for free much less spend a dime on it or any of the garbage Hollyood calls Entertainment.

  21. I can’t wait to see what Hollywood does with the “remake” of Hogan’s Heroes…(sarc off)

  22. This should piss her off:

    I think she was a great looking broad with a fantastic body!

    She was in a movie “walk of shame” where she was running around in the tiniest yellow dress. Total shit!
    The best way to watch this movie is on “MUTE” with a mixed tape of stripper anthems on the stereo.

    Or in other words, “SHAAATTTTAAAAAPPPP and DANCE!!!!!!”

  23. @hambone

    There are enough stupid, evil people in the film industry, for sure, and she is probably one of them. But, she is not Jewish, but Irish, Catholic, and Waspish.

    All kinds of people pump out filth.

  24. When you focus on women, shouldn’t the criticism be focused on the women audience that doesn’t support it? Why kick the dog because you had a bad day at work?

  25. WHY should I pay $30 (!!!) for A (singular) ticket, popcorn, & a drink, to have 3 screechy chicks harangue me for 2 hours, about how I SUCK, due to the accident of my birth (Y chromosome)?!?!

    Especially since I can sit in my living room, and have my WIFE do that – for FREE!!! 😳

  26. Bob M. 100% correct. Why pay $30 to hear how you suck.

    I have the wonderful experience of giving Trudeau 52% of my gross income so he can tell me how much I Suck and I can make my own FN popcorn.

  27. @Bob M. November 19, 2019 at 5:49 pm

    > I can sit in my living room, and have my WIFE do that – for FREE!!!

    You lucky bastid!

    (Most men still have to pay for that treatment, at home.)

  28. @ Mr. Buktu
    Well, I’ve been misinformed, then. I read an article that said she was Jewish. I just checked and she went through most of the process of conversion to become a jew and said in 2013, “Basically, I’ve been living as a Jew for 15 years”.


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