Nolte: Democrats Worry as Filing Deadlines Cement Weak 2020 Field


The 2020 Democrat presidential field is about to get locked by filing deadlines and that is making a lot of Democrats nervous.

If you want to run for president, it is a 50 state process that requires filing papers and whatever else is required to get on the ballot. Alabama’s filing deadline passed last week. New Hampshire and Arkansas expire this week. The heavy hitters of Illinois, California, and Texas are just weeks away. Ohio and North Carolina arrive before Christmas.

In other words, unless someone gets off the pot, the current 2020 crop of tired, old extremists is locked in forever. Which means one of them will face Trump in 2020, and a quick look around shows that Democrats are not happy about that.

There are rumblings about former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seriously considering taking the plunge. There’s even talk about former Attorney General Eric Holder. And because she’s a vampire who keeps coming back in terrible sequels, there’s Hillary.

No one knows what’s going to happen, but it was not supposed to be like this…

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  1. “And because she’s a vampire who keeps coming back in terrible sequels, there’s Hillary.”

    The Brotherhood of Undead Bloodsuckers (Trade Local 666) is offended by your comparison and demands an immediate retraction or they’ll file defamation charges against you.

  2. The only field the democrats have are Trump bad mouthing types. That’s all they got to cling too, hoping someone lands the sinking impeachment barge.

  3. Thank you President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton for opening up the 2016 debates to allow a Socialist-Democrat named Bernie Sanders run as a Democrat. Candidates pretending to be moderates have no chance getting the nomination away from his followers. Can’t wait to see how they treat Mayor Bloomberg as a capitalist enemy of the people.

  4. Doesn’t that just mean that the people running in the primaries are locked in? That doesn’t mean the convention can’t just find a way to nominate who the party leaders want. They’ll find a way to make the first rounds a deadlock thereby releasing the delegates from their commitments.

    It’s not as if the Democratic Party really cares what the little people want.

  5. The plan is still to have a crisis and the Hildabeast to be picked as their candidate at the DNC convention. The states will roll over and let her name on the ballot and those that don’t will have a Hawaii judge mandate it.

    Wait and see.

  6. I hope I get to see a repeat performance by all the liberal true believers. The pics and memes from 2016 are still satisfyingly funny. A new crop of crying millennials wearing pussy hats would be the icing on the cake. But look at the bright side libs, those antifa t-shirts will be available online at soon to be reduced prices.

  7. Obama wasn’t on the primary ballot in Michigan and they gave him his “fair share” any way.

    Dems: Rules are for fools.

  8. Brokered Convention. Many have held this belief (Ghost, for one) that this has been the left’s plan all along. The gaggle of clowns spouting uber-left garbage is fodder for the desire for the D voters for a more ‘moderate’ candidate.

    In swoops _____________ (probably Killary or Mooch) to save the day and seem almost sane compared to what they have been hearing from the clowns. The relief will be so palatable, that even those who decided to vote for President Trump will start to waver.

    That, and voter fraud, could be the left’s plan.

    Or. Maybe I’m giving them too much credit for rational thought.

  9. @Claudia

    “Or. Maybe I’m giving them too much credit for rational thought.”

    Yes, I think you are. Let’s not forget that the number one prerequisite is to be an egomaniacal narcissist; every one of these clowns thinks they have a rendezvous with destiny, that they are the chosen messiah.

    All of them, including Bernie himself, think he was a chump for allowing Hillary to fiddle with the super delegates the last go around. No end run, nefarious shenannigans or under handed dealings will be tolerated this time.


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