Nolte: Nevada’s Democrat Governor Punishes Casino for Holding Worship Service


A group called Evangelicals for Trump skirted Nevada’s fascist anti-Christian laws by holding a worship service in a casino.

And now Nevada’s Democrat governor, the anti-science and bigoted Steve Sisolak, has not only publicly lashed out at the peaceful Christian gathering, the casino’s been punished with a $250 fine.

So get this… And tell me Nevada’s Democrats and U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts (who sided with Nevada’s Democrats) are not anti-Christian bigots.

In the Democrat-run state of Nevada, coronavirus social distancing rules allow for indoor casinos and amusement parks to operate at 50 percent capacity. So, no matter how many people this represents, as long as the indoor casino or amusement park does not operate over 50 percent capacity, they are in compliance with the law.

Churches, however, regardless of their size, are limited to only 50 worshipers.

In other words, if you have a mega-church the size of Caesar’s Palace, the gambling joint is allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity while the mega-church is still restricted to only 50 worshipers.

This is not only absurd, it is, without question, anti-Christian bigotry as well as a politically-motivated move to upset the organizing structure within a church community that largely supports President Trump.

Here’s the rundown…

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  1. It’s worse than that. Freedom to worship is a constitutionally protected right. Casinos, for some reason, are not mentioned in the Constitution.

  2. Their assembly in a casino was lawful, he cannot regular what is done there, That is up to Casino management. Shove this one up your portal. guvie!

  3. @Extirpates — Exactly right. Both the worshipers and the casino were in complete compliance with the letter of the (questionably legal) order of that tyrannical governor. Sisolak seems to think that his personal likes and dislikes can be legally binding on Nevada’s citizens. It doesn’t get more tyrannical than this.

  4. Satan is moving and America, a nation that has turned it’s back on God and his laws, is far too terrified to stand up to him.

    Because no man, and no nation, has the power to stand up to him without God being within him.

  5. There’s a difference between being an atheist and being for the other side. This is religious persecution with the blessing of the Supreme Court.

  6. The eventual backlash against actual bigots (be it blm, this dork, or antifa) will be massive and devastating.

    All in good time.

  7. Satanolak makes up laws as he goes along and then reinterprets them at his whim, too.
    Don’t forget, he made it illegal to use hydoxychloroqhine, too.

  8. What’s left of the REAL Nevada hates his guts. There isn’t a single case of the shamdemic where I live and we had his OSHA flying monkeys all over the place threatening business owners last week.

  9. He’s a piece of shit. He reminds me of Tester up in Montana or some place.

    He’s a white 0bama in a fat suit.
    Sisolak is a dumpy, angry, wife beating, (new wife is a gold digger) and his two daughters are ‘chelsea clintons.’

    Sadly, the Republicans in the previous 2 cycles were tax happy, illegal alien loving RINOS.

  10. ANTIFA was a Stalinist organization.
    So was the “League of the Militant Godless.”

    Now the Supremes and the Demonrats have aligned themselves with both these odious (and un-Constitutional) totalitarian and nihilistic movements. “… or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …” There’s NO WAY to confuse that.
    Not a “mistake.”
    Not a “misunderstanding.”
    Not “ignorance.”
    Pure, unadulterated TREASON.

    We need no clearer signification – the Supremes have sided with Stalin-ism, Nazi-ism, the Deep State, and the Traitors – they have therefore outlived their uselessness.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. So CA has infected another state to this point? The lower 2/3 of that state and Sacremento are cancer that is metastasizing all over the west.

    It’s the same shit there as almost every state. A couple large cites, Vegas and Reno, over whelm the entire rest of the state.

    Now they’re going to mail a ballot to everyone that ever registered.

  12. @ Racer X
    “Casinos, for some reason, are not mentioned in the Constitution.”

    But in the Bible, “MONEY” is mentioned more times than you can imagine. And this shit is ALL about money and who’s pockets get filled.

  13. Like it not guys, satan really is on the move. It’s for a reason and I hate to see what’s next. There’s only one way to hinder it. Benevolent mercy.

  14. So no laws, mandates, executive orders were violated, and he throws a temper tantrum. I think a second recall petition may be more successful.

  15. SCOTUS is not the final word. Juries are. Learn about jury nullification and put it into use. We have the power.

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