Nolte: Robert Mueller Isn’t Senile; He Was a Dirty Cop Forced to Take the Witness Stand


They told us Robert Mueller was Captain America: Crusader for Truth, and instead we got George Costanza and all the inept deception, sweaty stalling, and blundering dishonesty that comes with him.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s bumbling, stumbling, grumbling, tumbling, crumbling testimony Wednesday before the U.S House of Representatives was not only karma on steroids, it once again proved just how  brilliant the American Constitution is.

You see, the sublime spectacle of watching Robert Mueller’s reputation go up in flames, flames ignited by his own corrupt report and fueled by three years of the establishment media’s hoax machinery, would not have been possible without the Separation of Powers, without the ability of one branch of government to hold the other in check,

While I certainly sympathize with President Trump not wanting Mueller to appear before congress, because it could only mean one more fake news-cycle distracting from all his successes, I always wanted Mueller to appear.

As awful as congress is, we chose those guys to represent us, to speak for us; and the very idea that we would hand a Robert Mueller tens of millions of dollars, the power to overturn a presidential election, and the unlimited power to prosecute, subpoena, and investigate — the idea that one man would be handed Thor’s hammer and then allowed to hurl a report, give a haughty public statement, and skip town under the cover of Media Mythologizing, was not only intolerable to me, it was un-American.

Oh, no… This man must take the stand, must answer for himself, must be cross-examined. We The People have a few goddamned questions and don’t give a tinker’s damn whether or not they’re outside your precious little purview because at the very least you’re going to have to tell the world you refuse to answer our questions. And so…

My God, did you see what happened yesterday… The Emperor not only has no clothes, every time you toss him a reasonable question he acts as though you just woke him up in front of the TV to ask if he wants some oatmeal.

Did you see what happened yesterday… Robert Mueller is a liar, a brazen liar who wants us to believe he never heard of Fusion GPS.

Did you see what happened yesterday… Captain America is a partisan monster, a Resistance Vengeance Machine whose precious purview included nothing that matters — Christopher Steele: Not in my purview, bro. The FISA warrants to spy on a sitting president: Not on my purview, bro. Russia’s role in the Steele Dossier: You are totally harshing my purview, bro. Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s role in the Steele dossier: Why are you all up in my purview, bro?  The Obama administration’s unprecedented unmasking of Trump officials: Purview, bro. The FBI spying on a presidential campaign: Watch me purview, bro. James Comey’s leaks: I hardly know the man. Fusion GPS: What is this Fusion GPS you speak of?

Oh, but what is in Walter Mitty’s purview?

Paul Manafort’s taxes.


h/t Forcibly Deranged.

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  1. Not to worry. All of America will soon know — and know how to pronounce — the name of Misfud. Or is it Mifsud? LOL!!

    Stuff that in your purview and smoke it, Mueller.

  2. Mueller knowingly locked 4 innocent men in jail for decades to protect a known killer. He will go to hell, he deserves it, and he knows it.

  3. Yeah, that sums it up. “You only have five minutes to question me? Oh, could you repeat a question a few times so you can’t ask me much else?

  4. The walking corpse couldn’t or wouldn’t answer the only true salient question in the whole fucking shit show:

    “Was a single vote changed by the Russians in the 2016 election?”

  5. Side Note:

    That’s not Captain America.
    That’s just Robert Mueller.
    That’s just some writers moniker misappropriation.

    Captain America is here with Captains Video and Obvious.

  6. Dear Lord, I humbly beseech you to use your righteous might to bring these evil bastards to justice. Please protect William Barr and work through him to give him the courage to prosecute these evil bastards and the wisdom to convict them.

  7. Barr having the lowlife scumbag Mueller as a friend for many years gives me some cause for concern.
    On the other hand if Barr gave Mueller any kind of heads up the idiot didn’t listen.
    I guess we’ll know more soon.

  8. With all of the crimes we’ve been made aware of during the sacred cow’s regime and little to sate our demand for justice at least we were able to watch as this slithering puke get gutted like a fish.

  9. In the day of His perfect and final Judgment, there is nothing now hidden that will not be fully revealed, including even the secret counsels of the heart.

    Mueller, Clinton, Obama, et al, WILL answer. Count on it.

    But keep in mind…so will everyone else, from all of history, who is not found in Christ. For God is not a respecter of persons.

  10. When you reach an appropriate age, pretending to be senile lets you get away with a lot of things you wouldn’t be able to get away with otherwise.

  11. Since when did “it’s not in my purview” become an acceptable substitute for “I plead the Fifth”? The media usually loves it when a Republican has to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights. Even Lois Lerner had to plead the Fifth. Who does Mueller think he is…Hillary Clinton?

  12. Let’s go back just a little bit farther. This son of a BITCH is the person who went through the military handbook, removing everything pertaining to Islam and inbred Muslim culture. Causing the death of thousands of our soldiers. He also imprisoned four innocent men for years. This man should be in jail. (Along with Nadler)

  13. I guess Mueller understands obstruction of justice entrapment more than the average Joe – BECAUSE THAT WAS HIS FORTÉ

  14. Bob has always been “dirty”. He was a friend/helper of the USSR when he was in the Corps (said core my Ivy League betters!) To me that made him dirty 50 years ago. Clearly some (GWB) did not think helping Russia was “dirty”.

  15. Mueller thinks that he’s made of finer clay than the rest of us. He believes because he has decades of experience with the DOJ, that it’s beneath him to have to answer any questions about the dossier, or anything pertaining to Trump. It really turned out badly for the Democrats. They can’t get over it and never will. I want them to keep on doing what they’re doing, people are coming to our side.

  16. Caroleigh – I think it’s a fair question to ask just how long has Whiskey Bob been rubber-stamping other people’s dirty work???

  17. Thank you! Finally!

    Every other article, even from the right, has said we should have sympathy for Mueller, because he is old and feeble and was used by the left.

    Fuck that, this guy is a partisan hack, deep stater that thought he would be lionized for serving up Trump.

    Barr needs to get on it and start throwing the lawbreakers in jail. And if Mueller thinks Trump can be charged after his presidency, that means that Obama can be charged now. Take it to the highest levels and let them all burn in hell.

  18. Don’t care how old or how much of a “hero” the fucker is. I want to kick the shit out of him. Leave nothing but zippers and lips.

  19. Saul Bedwetter, our demicretin on the scene reporter, reveals the self inflicted pain caused by the stunning lack of effort from Robert Mueller. Instead of getting President Trump, the dimwits got shat upon, big time!


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