Nomination For Moron of the Year

See this moron. He called 911 to report a shooting and then gave a description of himself as the suspect. Why?

He videoed himself on his porch and showed the cops going by. He then informed his audience that he would bet anyone any amount of money that the police would come back to harass him just because he’s black.

They wouldn’t know that he called in a report identifying the perp as a black guy in a white hoodie.

What a GENIUS!!!  See how his plan turned out HERE.

18 Comments on Nomination For Moron of the Year

  1. There are millions just like him. They contribute absolutely nothing to society and have created a plague of crime.
    I have no idea how to solve this, my only suggestion would be to reduce them to fertilizer {for export}.

  2. I started reading the article and thought, oh great another stupid story out of Alabama. I was so happy that the police did such a great job on this!

  3. I see them every day where I live.
    18-30 year old negro males.Filthy dreadlocks,
    monkey butt hanging out on primal display,bathroom
    slippers on with red socks{to show you whitey that
    I am to good to work},and babbling non stop on a
    $700 I-phone about some inane incoherent gibberish like
    he was some important businessman.

  4. What went wrong?

    Y’know … if this guy was white, the cops woulda never caught on … woulda been the perfect crime … err … video …

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. BFH, Moron of the year? You could initiate a moron of the month club. Identifing one low grade moron each month. Then choose one for the tear award, unless there is a pop up candidate at the last minute.
    Up to you, I don’t want to create more work for you!

  6. “Moran of hte Moth Club” wood giv ya 10 candianates a year!

    Thas bettern just a MOrON of the year, every week or so.

  7. @Goldenfoxx: To be completely fair, I once saw a video where a young adult white girl struggled with the same question, which had been posed to her by her boyfriend. A lot of people just can’t do math word problems, even when the solution is obvious.

  8. @Goldenfoxx: To be honest, I don’t recall. I do remember that she refused to believe him when he finally told her the answer, and she got really angry with him when he laughed at her for it.

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