Nonprofits Helping Illegal Immigrants Took $291 Million From Taxpayers


DC: Taxpayers funded eight nonprofits that serve, protect or advocate for illegal immigrants with more than $291 million between 2012 to 2016, according to an analysis of federal spending data and tax documents by the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group.

The eight groups — including at least one that endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 — provide a variety of support to illegal aliens, ranging from legal and social services to political advocacy.

Ninety-four percent of the public funds — or, nearly $274 million — came from the federal government, according to data obtained from and 990 tax forms.

The $291 million total in public funding, however, is almost certainly an underestimate, since the respective 990s of each implicated nonprofit for all five years were not always available. Additionally, those groups only represent a small sample of publicly-funded pro-illegal immigrant nonprofits.

 “At least 684 nonprofits nationwide provide some form of legal aid to immigrants,” a 2013 Urban Institute study said. More than half of these had budgets bigger than $1 million, but a “more detailed breakdown is necessary to reveal how much support comes from … government agencies.”

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10 Comments on Nonprofits Helping Illegal Immigrants Took $291 Million From Taxpayers

  1. Trump can use the IRS to play real hardball with these Lefty Soros “nonprofits”.

    Revoke their nonprofit status, retroactively.
    Prosecute all involved for conspiracy/fraud and massive tax evasions.

    Massive bankrupting fines and long hard prison terms.
    We have to make clear to even the greediest and most brainwashed that Leftism is no longer a viable career path.

    Undermine this country, go to prison.

  2. The DOJ was circumventing funds too – the Obama admin graduated from the Jesse Jackson school of Corporate Extortion. I did not realize how many BILLIONS of dollars were to be made as a liberal non-profit.

  3. This was possible through the Obama DOJ slush fund. Read about it. AG Sessions just put that program in the circular file.

  4. “the non-profit” connotation applies only to first line workers, churches, and other assistance people – it DOES NOT apply to supervisors, policy makers, or directors who are the highest paid in the country.

    No dinero is spared in office decoration, expense accounts, or travel. This includes wine(ing) and dine(ing) politicos of the democratic variety sometimes including (my favorite) lining up unpaid workers for certain projects.

  5. I hope Trump can cut off their funding ASAP or retroactively! Let Soros fund his own invasion of culture killing retrogrades in some other country.

  6. They get a tax exemption due to the fact that they are so-called religions and then they get tax money to perform their religious duties! If they continue to take public money then pull their tax exemption and treat them as a profit making business. Or they can keep their tax exemption and do their charitable work with the money generated from their membership like any true religion would do!

  7. Only confess can authorize funding. Therefore Trump should recall all those funds illegally authorized by Obama or at least get an accounting of where the funds ended up really going to. Preferably a return of funds or jail time. This includes funding religious orgs for taking illegal refugees.

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