Noonan: de Blasio Will Be a ‘Divider’


Image: Peggy Noonan: de Blasio Will Be a 'Divider'

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appears to have something against people who aren’t poor or living “on the margins” and could end up dividing the city, according to Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan.

“Whether you are a conservative or a liberal, you can choose, as a leader, to be a uniter or a divider,” Noonan wrote Thursday, a day after the Democrat was sworn in to replace Michael Bloomberg.

“Mr. de Blasio seems very much the latter. He is on the side of the poor and the marginalized, which is good, but he took every opportunity to jab at those who are not poor and don’t live on the margins.”

Noonan pointed out that Bloomberg, an independent who served 12 years in office, and former Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who served 1994-2001, were both tough leaders who helped bring the city through some hard years that included the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, near bankruptcy, labor unrest, and high crime rates.

Giuliani, she said, worked to stabilize the city and get the criminals off the street, and he left behind a “safer, more prosperous city.”

“Love him or hate him,” she wrote, “he showed what a leader looked like” after the terrorist attacks.



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  1. De Blasio can kiss my fat, middle-class ass. I am not on the margins because I made intelligent choices in my life. I finished high school and went to college. I did not have children I couldn’t support. No drug abuse and very little booze. When I had the opportunity to buy my own home, I jumped at it and have been able to live nicely within my means ever since, When I was out of work for a year, I did not allow myself to be discouraged and sent out 4,500 resumes. When I developed doubts about my ability to continue to support myself in the private sector, I took the civil service exam for the New York State court system.

    Life is hard. The liberal dream

  2. Sorry premature transmission. The liberal dream is that someone can tap the poor with some magic wand and everything will be great, just like that, and there will be this supergroup of motivated nuclear physicist all eager to get to work.


  3. The socialist dream is that come the revolution it’ll be like everybody won the lottery, no one ever need be concerned with financial concerns ever again and so can pursue all their lives and dreams sort of like the rich.

    That’s the dream. The reality is poverty, slavery to the state, and an inhuman existence where the only things to live for are sex and alcohol.

  4. Well the dummy’s no dummy. He’s doing exactly what he’s seen Oballmuncher do for 5 years and get away with it long enough to set his agenda and himself up to bilk The Stupids out of unimaginable sums of money and be long gone before the truth ever comes out! Yep! Somebody ran the long con on us and they’ll most likely get away with it. From now on a fleecing of this magnitude will forever be known in Con circles as, “The Kenyan Queen”!!!

    Where’s Nate Ford when ya need him?

  5. Why else are they trying so hard (succeeding) to grab everyone’s guns?
    I suspect the tyrants are only getting started.

  6. Peggy Noonan has been dead to me since her snarky, snooty, open-mike comments about Sara Palin at the 2008 Republican Convention. Haven’t clicked on her column since.

  7. Fuck this shitwad. He’s an out and out Communist. I mean, he’s a no-foolin’ card-carrying CPUSA Communist. I just don’t know if he’s a Bolshevik, a Maoist or a Trotskyite.

  8. Roos, you’re right! Those idiots in NY do deserve what they are going to get! Grab a big bag of popcorn because it’s going to be so much fun to watch!

  9. Well he turned his lesbian wife straight and they honeymooned in Cuba. He can’t be all that bad? And he hates the rich. And he wants to make every New Yorker egual. It will be fun watching from a safe distance.

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