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Nord Stream Systems Suddenly Springing Leaks Beneath the Baltic Sea

Fox Business

The Nord Stream gas pipeline system endured “unprecedented” damage to three offshore lines on the bed of the Baltic Sea in one day, Nord Stream AG, the network’s operator, said on Tuesday.

The AG said it was impossible to estimate when the gas network system’s working capability would be restored.

“The destruction that occurred on the same day simultaneously on three strings of the offshore gas pipelines of the Nord Stream system is unprecedented. It is not yet possible to estimate the timing of the restoration of the gas transport infrastructure,” the operator told reporters. More

Accusations of sabotage abound. Here

24 Comments on Nord Stream Systems Suddenly Springing Leaks Beneath the Baltic Sea

  1. Two explosions, 14 hours apart, were picked up on Swedish Seismic equipment. Gonna be a lot of European pop-cycles this winter.

  2. “Springing leaks” is hardly the right phrase. Somebody blew big holes in three different pipes deep underwater all on the same day. Unless there’s a real Kraken down there, it was deliberate damage.

    Govt candidates are Putin, Zelenskyy, or Joey’s lunatic handlers. Private candidates are Soros or Schwab.

  3. Unky Al

    Schwab makes the most sense to me. Crazy bastard. But that’s some serous Seal Team 6 shit right there.

  4. Biden is on record declaring that NS 2 would not be operational if Russia invades Ukraine.

    Putin would be happy to blow it if he thought he could frame the US for it.

    The only pipeline route for Russian gas to Europe is now through Ukraine.

    Seems like the globalists would love to see WWIII.

    We will learn who was on the grassy knoll before we learn what really happened here.

  5. it was U.S. “contractors” , they have a history of doing things like this.

  6. Well, since the price of gas is exploding…

  7. When I saw the headline I thought they were talking about Nord VPN.

  8. A lot of people will freeze their nuts off this winter. (They deserve it)

    Many countries will try to buffer the Gas Prices that their citizens will have to pay by Absorbing a portion of the cost in the short term. Basically they will roll it into debt and then pay that debt off in the future when prices become more “Normal” and putting the deferred cost back on for a few years. Good Luck, You need gas to do that!

    I think this shit will completely backfire on Schwabe, UN, EU, and all the NWO bastards. People WILL revolt in the streets.

    Who ever punched these the Gas Lines to Financially Fuck Russia is also going to Tip the world away from the Green Bastages.

    I think its a dumb move in the short term but it will further fuck over the EU.

    PS. For spite I just turned on my own furnace to give it a trial before it starts to run regularly.

  9. I heard Jennifer Grandhole several months ago predict natural gas would go up in price 7 fold before the end of the year. Well that shits publicly traded, they sell futures on it. Easy to check the future pricing out a ways. Which I did. Pricing looked flat for a long time. So I guess we should start worrying about something happening to our domestic supply routes. The bastards.

  10. Kcir

    Hey, how hard do you think those German Politicians are laughing at Trump now?

  11. And the dumb bastards laughed at President Trump.

  12. Brad,

    I think they are grateful that their citizens DO NOT HAVE the Right To Bear Arms as they are sitting nervously at their desks, hoping they can control the RIOTS that will be happening in January’s bitter winter.
    (I’m a shadenfreude type of Bastage!)


    I was riding my Mountain Bike like a fiend previously but am SO BUSY climbing ladders and HVAC-ing that I’m only getting 1 ride a week. 3rd fastest time through the loop was this Sunday.

  13. I don’t think it was the Russians. Why blow up something you can just shut off.
    They already have them by the cold short hairs.
    A lot going on right now and Russia is in the driver’s seat. The good news is the reset aholes are losing. See Italy.

  14. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline was completed last year, but has yet to be opened by Germany due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. A few weeks prior to the start of the invasion, President Joe Biden told reporters that should Russia go through with its rumored plans for Ukraine, the U.S. would work to ensure that the pipeline would never be operational. When pressed, he did not give specifics on

  15. Kcir
    ” I’m only getting 1 ride a week.”

    But the important thing is you are getting that ride. Do you mind me asking how old you are?

  16. This is quite possibly the most stupid “strategic” move the US government has ever made. The people who did this are fucking insane. They’ll be destroying our own pipelines next and blaming it on Russia. Just watch.

    Anyone you know who is still voting democrat is a stupid fucking asshole or a criminal.

  17. I’m 52.

    I like to get out 3 times but… Work $$$


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