“North African Male” Explodes Nail Bomb in France

Still happy with your choices Europe?

Are you sufficiently woke before your wake?

“North African” is a gentle and slippery way of saying Muslim.


The owner of a hotel said the noise was ‘impressive’ and that he saw “metal plates on the floor as a kind of circuit board and scattered papers”.

He added: “We saw a very panicked woman and a man with a bleeding leg taking refuge in a clothing business.”

A police source said the parcel bomb contained “screws or bolts” and was placed in front of a bakery at the corner of two streets near Place Bellecour, in the heart of the city.

An Interior Ministry spokesman in Paris confirmed that the blast was caused by a ‘home made bomb nail bomb’ in a case containing ‘an explosive charge and nuts and bolts’.


18 Comments on “North African Male” Explodes Nail Bomb in France

  1. Until somebody gets a backbone and says enough is enough they will just accept and live with it. just like we do with illegals.

  2. When I lived there the French didn’t really like any foreigners. I guess they were made to feel guilty about those views. I don’t know if they’ll ever wake up to reality.

  3. Now how will that recent strategy Hollande offered Macron on how to be a great president pay off?

  4. If he is in Paris he is a Parisian. Not an African. Africans are in Africa. there is a reason “news” is going broke.

  5. I used to feel sorry for the English and the French now I see them for what they actually are. Absolute morons.

  6. Yer Ramadan Bombathon Update for Day 19:
    Terror in the name of iSlam:
    Attacks: 104
    Kills: 500
    All Other Religions Combined: 0

  7. According to Al Sharpton, the North Africans invented mathematics, astrology, needle point, art, physics; the wheel, fire, brimstone,
    and a shit load of other stuff, way before the Homo Greeks and that fag Socrates got around to it.
    And oh, they also invented the bagpipes, the spear, and the drum, and the violin, and golf.
    Just sayin,’

  8. If the payload is “nuts and bolts” it ain’t a “nail bomb”. Tedious fucks.

    ETA: A “nail bomb” uses hardened flooring or concrete nails that are supplied in loose form or lacquered sticks. The latter is the most impressive. Whole shitload of hardened steel projectiles in the most compact form. Big enough to amputate limbs and light weight enough to be easily transportable.

  9. The linguistic gymnastics currently being used to avoid saying “Muslim”, etc., is almost amusing.

    But beyond amusing it is intriguing that it seems to be a spontaneous worldwide phenomenon, almost as if it is being coordinated and directed by some unseen force that wants to keep the people from thinking about it.

  10. This has been brought to you thanks to globalists who think we can just work it out… BS stop voting for dumocrats.

  11. It’s easy (and fun) to criticize the french, but we are doing the EXACT same thing here. We see it right in front of us, and yet we seem powerless to stop it. President Trump tried, but every time, the progs drag him into court. Meanwhile we are being overrun with turd world vermin who hate us, and 1/2 the country seems to be just fine with it. This is nuts.

  12. They’re going to lose a big city. Brussels, Nice, Paris, Berlin; pick one. One big mushroom cloud, and the only Anglos in Europe with any balls were long buried in Landers field or Normandy.

  13. My wife and two teenage daughters left France LAST NIGHT!!!
    They are in London for the night then they’re going to travel to South Hampton to get on a boat to go to Brussels.

    I don’t even think they know yet. Still the middle of the night in London. When I talk to her last night, she was saying that the neighborhood she was in seem like it was all Muslim. So she walked to the next neighborhood, and it was all Muslim. When I talked to her last night, she was saying that the neighborhood she was in seemed like it was all Muslim. So she walked to the next neighborhood, and it was all Muslim. She was saying that she wanted to go to England not Yemen.

  14. Gawd I phucking hate it when my phone does that.

    Needless to say, I think I may have gone a little extra aggro at Muay Thai and jujitsu tonight. 👊🏻😡

  15. I thought Europeans built a bunch of modern infrastructure in Africa then handed control of it over to the Africans. WTF are they doing pouring into Europe?


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