North Carolina ‘Born-Alive’ Abortion Bill Clears Senate


RALEIGH, N.C.—A bill requiring doctors and nurses to protect and care for children born alive during a failed late-term abortion cleared the North Carolina Senate on Monday, April 15, handing social conservatives a victory.

The Republican-drafted legislation specifies that health care practitioners should grant those children born alive the same protections as any other newborn patient. Those who don’t do so could face a felony and active prison time, along with potential $250,000 fines and other monetary damages. A mother can’t be prosecuted, but health care providers who fail to report any improper care to authorities could be charged.

“This has nothing to do with limiting abortion in any way,” said Republican Sen. Joyce Krawiec, the bill’s sponsor, in floor debate. “This bill changes nothing except how that born-alive infant is treated.”

The measure now moves to the House for expected floor debate and a vote on the measure Tuesday. Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper has criticized the measure through a spokeswoman, raising expectations he would veto it if it reaches his desk.  more here

3 Comments on North Carolina ‘Born-Alive’ Abortion Bill Clears Senate

  1. Dems are taking these extreme positions because they have no platform and need something to carry on about.

    Once Kavanaugh was confirmed, and he clarified that he would respect precedent, that left the Dems without the ability to scream and shriek about how Republicans want to “control women’s bodies” and “destroy women’s health.”

    So, they’ve started poking the bear, passing or just proposing extremist ideas, now including post-birth abortion.

    They have got the publicity they were looking for.

    I hope it all backfires.

  2. They think no one cares and they are wrong. We have had enough of Godless society and government, it is way over time for a return to good values.


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