North Korea’s “Pleasure Squad” Provides A Different Kind Of Cheer For Party Elite

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The cheerleaders sent by North Korea to the Olympics are more than a propaganda tool for the regime. They also serve as sex toys for party big shots. According to Lee So Yeon, a defector who served as a musician in the military, the women are carefully screened, selected and constantly monitored, then told by the party that they have to provide sexual favors to members of the elite. More




15 Comments on North Korea’s “Pleasure Squad” Provides A Different Kind Of Cheer For Party Elite

  1. Amazing how communism, fascism, and islam all allow for lots of sex for the chosen “leaders”. I guess some of the women prefer that to splitting rocks at re-education camps or being beheaded…

  2. And I thought that communism/socialism was all about perfect equality!
    You know, the triumph of ideals over human frailties?
    No more racism, no more sexism, no more … well, anything-ism cuz the “End of History” and all that …

    Maybe somebody’s been lying all this time …

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. And if the current crop of marxists in this country get their way, it would be exactly the same here. As it has been with despots since the beginning of history.

  4. It is universal among Marxist/progressives. They treat women like shit. They were the ones when I was in college who were actually doing what the coeds stupid enough to fall for their act and date them were accusing “men” of.

    Leftist/stateists are absolute pieces of shit in 90plus percent of the instances I have personal familiarity with.

  5. Now all the American actresses will want to join the North Korean Cheer Squad!
    They are already well trained in using and proffering sex acts!

  6. Will this #MeToo exposure for these poor women open the eyes of the liberal idiots in the media that are suddenly glorifying the North Korea leadership because Kim and Company hate Donald Trump and us conservatives as much as the liberals do?


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