Northam Lawyer to Host Buttigieg Fundraiser

‘Mayor Pete’ called for Virginia governor to resign over racist yearbook photo.

WFB: A top lawyer for Virginia governor Ralph Northam (D.) is hosting a fundraiser for presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who earlier this year called on Northam to resign from office.

The South Bend, Ind., mayor will be in attendance for the nearly sold out Friday night fundraiser in Alexandria, Va., where tickets went for as much as $1,000. Among the hosts of the event is Jessica Killeen, who has been a top lawyer for the governor since the day he took office.

Northam’s office confirmed Killeen’s involvement in the fundraiser and said it cleared the political activity.

“Ms. Killeen’s participation adheres to Governor’s Office guidelines on political activity, which stipulate that she notify the Chief of Staff in advance of the activity and engage in her personal capacity outside of regular work hours and on her own personal leave time,” said Northam spokeswoman Ofirah Yheskel.

Buttigieg was among the first to call on Northam to step down from office after a picture on his medical school yearbook page was discovered showing a man in Ku Klux Klan robes alongside a man in blackface.

“Ralph Northam should resign,” Buttigieg said on Feb. 2, a day after the photo surfaced. “I have high regard for Lieutenant Governor Fairfax, and he will serve Virginia well.”

Northam held a meeting with senior members of his staff a day after the photo surfaced where it was decided he would defy calls from Buttigieg and others for him to resign. It remains unclear who exactly was in the meeting.  read more

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  1. Buttigieg?
    Is that the sound his anus makes releasing the compressed air, etc. after his version of “sex”?

  2. Remember Jebs’ guacamole bowls? Pete should sell buttplugs with his logo on them (dishwasher safe, of course).

  3. Yes. It is best to replace the KKK hood wearing, black face sporting, Michael Jackson moon walking Governor with the rapist Lt Gov. Or the black face wearing Attorney General.

    Virginia politics has always been a disgrace. At least since I began paying attention.

  4. Whats next, Allowing deviant acts to be performed on him to demonstrate his solidarity with the homosexual community?
    “Just be gentle with me”

  5. Who was the military recruiter who couldn’t tell this guy was a little light in the Bellevilles?


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