Northam Seems Confused About His Left and His Right

The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, is now claiming that he couldn’t possibly be in the controversial year book picture. Because the two individuals in the photo are both holding beers in their right hand and the governor claims to be left-handed.

Recent photos of the governor using his hands should confirm this claim – or not. More

14 Comments on Northam Seems Confused About His Left and His Right

  1. IInteresting thing about leftys is most typically have a decent amount of ambidextrous skills. In a righty world it is natural and necessary to develop those skills.

  2. Ecp is right, I’m a natural lefty but I do a lot of things right-handed (especially scissors), some things I can do either way (batted and threw right and left when I played/coached softball and baseball), but I NEVER write right-handed, as Northam is doing in one of those photos.

  3. This putz needs to STFU and stop digging himself deeper in the hole. And his wife needs to own up to being the one in hood.


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