Northeast pummeled with heavy snow


ABC: At least one person died on Wednesday as a powerful nor’easter barreled through the Northeast, just days after a storm killed nine in the same region.

The victim, an 88-year-old woman from Suffern, New York, died after being hit by a falling tree in her driveway, according to police in Suffern, which is about 30 miles northwest of Manhattan.

At least 60 million Americans were in the storm’s path, prompting plane, train and school cancellations across the Northeast.

Over 3,000 flights were canceled on Wednesday and more than 850,000 customers, including 320,000 in New Jersey and over 130,000 in New York, were left without power as of early Thursday as the brutal storm unleashed heavy snow, rain and gusty winds across on the area.

“I encourage New Yorkers to stay at home or seek shelter if experiencing a loss of power,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said late Wednesday, as he announced plans to double the number of National Guard troops deployed in the region. read more

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  1. Of course in Vermont they’re all blaming it on climate change …. as destruction on the eastern seaboard has been epic these last two storms. No one is hooking up the fact that these last two monsters in the gulf of Maine have coincided with high tides and full moons.

  2. I’m in Maine. Still snowing very lightly now. Roads are plowed and traffic and planes are moving again.
    Not many people are out because most businesses are closed so they all have good reasons to just stay home and hang out. It is sad when people die from storms. Thankful most people were smart enough to stay off the roads.

  3. And if the oil companies and coal companies had pulled completely out of NY already, just think of how great this storm could have permanently reduced their carbon footprint.

  4. What happened to the warming trend that was going to kill us all? Who messed with the thermostat? Heating oil is too expensive and snow removal is a pain in the chest.

  5. Those States need to put up signs declaring the entire State a ‘Snow Free’ area.
    Yeah, that’ll help.

  6. I’m about 30 miles north of where that lady was killed. Some people got killed in last week’s storm as well, and 93% of the people who lost power in the last storm were still without it when this one came. We got a lot of snow and broken trees, again, but were mercifully spared major damage and lost electricity, thank God.
    Both my kids are sick and I had to go get them medicine today. I saw a huge utility pole, broken into pieces, with a tangle of wires on the ground on the main road through my town. All the traffic lights were out and all the stores without generators were dark. The supermarket was only selling non perishable items today.
    Five of my six dogs, that would be my Husky and her four husky half breed puppies, had the time of their lives today playing in the snow, while my Dalmatian, the grumpy old daddy dog, enjoyed quiet time in the house with the cats.


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