Norway to Ban Muslim Veil in All Schools

OSLO (AFP) – The Norwegian government on Monday proposed a bill to ban the full-face Muslim veil in all schools, from nurseries to universities, saying it hinders communication between students and teachers.

Norway’s ruling coalition of conservative and anti-immigration rightwing parties had promised the ban last year, targeting the full-face veil called the niqab as well as burqas, balaclavas and masks.

“We do not want clothes covering the face in nurseries, schools and universities,” Minister of Education and Research Torbjorn Roe Isaksen said in a statement.  MORE

9 Comments on Norway to Ban Muslim Veil in All Schools

  1. Small step. Long overdue.

    When they ban the practice of Islam, they’ll begin to have a chance at national survival.

  2. Like it or not, Norway has made a big change after Utoya Island. One hopes Sweden won’t need its own Anders Breivik to shock it into reality.

  3. Islam is a parasitic infection that is resistant to all known antibiotics. Banning a veil will do nothing to curb the sickness they’ve already let in. Muzzies breed like roaches. And, like parasites, they will devour its host.

  4. I have a ?
    When they take off the ‘bag’ do they look like a raccoon
    I have seen that when girls wear sunglasses and stay in the sun too long.

  5. All muslim males should be forced to wear something so society can identify impending danger. All muslims should be forced to display something so natives will know they’re muslims. Make sure they do not get any tax payer funded benefits. Oh, except one way tickets back to wherever the hell they came from.

  6. Ban veils? VEILS?

    NO, you stupid Squareheads! YOU NEED TO BAN MOSLEMS!! Deport every one of those Filthy Mohammedan Savages infesting your country.

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