Not a CNN/Trump Meme, But the New Leader in Trump Sans CNN Memes

Guinness Girl sent this in.

See the Game of Thrones Trump Meme HERE.

“This is so well done, so well done. It’s done… well.”  -President Trump

(Be warned, this video can be interpreted as perhaps slightly negative towards Trump. I choose to not see it that way. I see it as a guy who is a street fighter for all the right causes.)

10 Comments on Not a CNN/Trump Meme, But the New Leader in Trump Sans CNN Memes

  1. I would tend to think that it was pro Trump although I suspect the author does not. When Trump talks it’s all about defending the borders, keeping out the evil elements that seek to overthrow and enslave the west. It’s well done and I guess can be interpreted either way.

  2. The maker sets up a big contradictory statement (out of context) to try and make Trump look foolish.

    “I am the best deal maker.”

    “We don’t do deals. I don’t deal.”

    Also, “the people are the people,” followed by the “what?” by Dinklage.

  3. I think it’s good.
    I don’t see what could be interpreted as “negative”
    (but, being the genetically enhanced a$$h*le I am, I may not see it)
    But I don’t see how this is “the new leader,” as there are one or two that made me laugh and spit my coffee *much* more.

    Okay, but I give it a polite golf clap.

  4. ‘Tis but a cry for our side to become superior Meme producers.
    I liked it, but I could feel the snark.

  5. I think this was a well-done, neutral display of craft, designed to appeal to a wide segment of The People. I can easily imagine one of these things starring Obama, with some of his famous quotes and malaprops, done not to skewer him, but to tell a silly story in a funny way.

    If this was done to diminish Trump, it’s a failure. Back during the campaign, somebody came out with “Sassy Gay Trump” and ” British Lord Trump” voiceovers for a speech and an interview. I think those were done with intended ridicule, but they ended up humanizing him, IMO. Right now, leftists are incapable of the subtlety and restraint required to put a sick burn on PDT.


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