Not A Real Judge, But Can Act Like One For Bureuacrats

The Trump Administration is about to take a large swipe at the rampant unaccountability of federal bureaucrats. This involves, Lucia v. SEC, a legal challenge to an enforcement proceeding by an administrative law judge (ALJ).

ALJ’s have been selected by an agency to hold enforcement hearings and make decisions that are often accepted without much review by the agency they work for. The plaintiffs in Lucia claim that officials with this much power must be appointed by the President and not by those running the agency. This week the Administration changed sides and now agrees with the plaintiffs position.



6 Comments on Not A Real Judge, But Can Act Like One For Bureuacrats

  1. I have witnessed politically appointed Administrative Law Judges become prone to political and Agency influence contrary to generally accepted practice and established precedence.

  2. This is good news. ALJ’s are swamp creatures, functionaries of the deep state, and anathema to the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights.

  3. Oh it just keeps getting better and better. I pray that before too long there is an air tight case or cases against the Hildebeast. If that happens, NOTHING will stop the Trump train in 2020.

  4. The decades of Constitutional abuse will come to a close under POTUS Trump’s leadership. The drumbeat of the abuses of the Administrative State is getting louder. The “They” that everyone refers to in gov’t is finally getting named and public awareness of it is growing. It’s not nearly as complex as the Left would have us all believe. Nothing made by man takes on a life of its own, it can all be dismantled.

    In the meantime, here’s a great resource to share that explains the problems with the Administrative State:

    There are several good reads along the same line, just Bing “Administrative State Imprimus”

  5. This would be YUGE!!! I saw Noel Francisco’s nomination hearing. Very impressive.
    Drain the swamp, even if it’s one drop at a time.


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