Not Bad Dubya, Not Bad

Looks like George Dubya is getting into the pet portraiture business.


He has a certain style and charm to his work, I must admit.

But try hiring him for the Christmas rush. I’d say that would be darn near impossible.

But, you can hire me!!! (Shameless plug alert.)

Christmas is coming. Get those orders in if you want to beat the deadline. Click HERE.

ht/ LocoBlancoSaltine

16 Comments on Not Bad Dubya, Not Bad

  1. I’d like to do ascratch board of daughter’s black and white snoopy type pooch, but would need to lay off coffee for the duration. He is straight haired, not wavy. 🙂

  2. I used to kind of like the guy. Defended him a lot. But after this election cycle, I am done with the Bush’s. Don’t want to hear from them again.

  3. Those are certainly no Rogue and Storm. A portrait makes a great gift and I will attest to BFH’s willingness to do whatever’s necessary to make sure a Christmas portrait arrives in time.

  4. That blue thing on the shelf in the upper left is the extra-large butt plug given to him by his new friend Mooch.

  5. The photo of bush with his paintings reminds me, “he screwed the Pooch” when he didn’t support Trump.
    Was he ever loyal to anyone but himself and his family?

  6. I like the blue crab in the background.

    Hey, BFH, I just brokered a sale for you. I’ll email you shortly.

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