Not good- Leftwing Justice Breyer to Retire – We could be faced with a younger radical


Justice Stephen Breyer will step down from the Supreme Court at the end of the current term, according to people familiar with his thinking.

Breyer is one of the three remaining liberal justices, and his decision to retire after more than 27 years on the court allows President Joe Biden to appoint a successor who could serve for decades and, in the short term, maintain the current 6-3 split between conservative and liberal justices.

At 83, Breyer is the court’s oldest member. Liberal activists have urged him for months to retire while Democrats hold both the White House and the Senate — a position that could change after the midterm elections in November. They contended that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stayed too long despite her history of health problems and should have stepped down during the Obama administration.

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  1. Kamala…you’re up.

    Appointment of Hillary as Vice President to follow.

    …then the funeral for Pedo Joe, struck down in his prime by the bullet of a MAGA hat weaing assasin dressed in khakis and a blue shirt they forgot to remove the “FBI” from, so the media CGd it out.

    Leaving a vengeful president Hillary to make her first order as president one of Martial Law and gun confiscation…

  2. It’ll be one of the Obamas, Jug Ears or Chewbacca. Either way, we’ll have a lawless, communist, white-hating piece of shit on the SCOTUS for years to come.

  3. Either way, we’ll have ANOTHER lawless, communist, white-hating piece of shit on the SCOTUS for years to come.

    FIFY Mule

  4. ^^^
    Yes, exactly. And if they go down in flames trying to get a Libtard on steroids appointed The Retard Sock Puppet and the people calling the shots can put an early lid on it until they get voted out. Or impeached.

  5. … although, the smartest person in the world, according to the Pedo in Chief is his crack-addled son

    ya never know …

  6. Whoever the dems submit, they tried to rape me in college.
    Not sure when or where or how but they did.
    I had to install additional front doors everywhere I lived since…
    Shit gets expensive!
    Still afraid to fly.
    I’m weeping as I type this…

  7. We need every conservative on tv to accuse her of leading a rape chain back during her college years! Also, have a male witness come forward who used to be a coworker testify before the judicial committee that one of her rogue pubes was found on his can of Coke!

  8. How is replacing a proven liberal douche with another one causing such concern? It’s not as if putting a “constitutionalist” on the court is going to keep America from tearing itself apart.

  9. A. the Justice hasn’t said this (yet).
    B. we should pack the Senate hearings and protest (ya know, an insurection).

  10. “according to people familiar with his thinking.”

    Didn’t they try this 2 or 3 times already?
    And then Breyer said he never said he was retiring?


  11. Is there anything in the Constitution saying a member of the SCOTUS must be a citizen? If not, I’m thinking the nominee will be a CCP official. Because, diversity or something.

  12. I agree with SNS, this is the plan to solve the Commiela problem, shuffle Hillezbub or Manchelle in, then false flag the Pedo in a way that initiates martial law against patriots, stops the midterm vote, and implement nationwide gun confiscation.

    Put nothing past these satanic bastards, They are capable of anything.

  13. As fond as the leftists are of actual qualifications, they have announced they will be picking a black woman.
    Kim Fox or Letitia James?

  14. Michelle Obama, perfect. 2nd choice, Maxine Waters. 3rd choice of course, the ever famous & popular Hillary Clinton.

  15. Breyer is pissed that the White House “leaked” this news. It would serve them right if he said he was staying.

  16. The D’s remember how Ginsberg fucked up by not retiring while O-shithead was still President, and they’re probably forcing Breyer out to ensure that that doesn’t happen again.

  17. @JDHasty, the link you provided, that story doesn’t sound plausible. Who ever he picks sexually assaulted me 25 years ago. Now my take on her story, I don’t know how many guys, or how many times but “who ever” must of been one of them. This has has to be one of the most outlandish claims ever. Total slut trash talking with a little wishful thinking.

  18. So does that mean the democrats would accuse the nominee of gang rape, then flood the Capitol with protestors who storm the offices and bang on doors?
    Nah, that is just reserved for Republicans.

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