Not Impressed With, Nor Will I G.A.S. About, Progressive Protests

15 Comments on Not Impressed With, Nor Will I G.A.S. About, Progressive Protests

  1. progtards gonna protest against everything that Trump does … not lowering the toilet seat, nominating whomever for whatever, holding a chair for a woman, signing an executive order, wiping w/ his left hand instead of his right hand, … making America great again ….
    get used to it … grin, laugh & enjoy the ‘splodie heads
    … gonna be a fun 8 years

  2. I hope they keep showing what lunatics they really are.They will never win again if they keep it up.They are too stupid to understand that’s a big reason they lost

  3. These people are not representative of the majority in this country. Normal Americans don’t take two weeks off to protest every time something upsets them. Normal Americans have jobs, families, baseball practice, church etc. This is a Soros-funded rent-a-mob with some fringe leftist SJW’s thrown in. I personally think these protests hurt the dems b/c it shows how nuts they’ve become

  4. You can almost see the results of the next
    two elections without even thinking about it.
    Keep it in our face = you lose sucka.

    Laugh! 🙂

  5. I am so weary of their crap whining.
    I do hope the silver lining is that if they keep it up they will continue to loose power and be more marginalized. You would think they would grow tired of their own crap 24/7, it sure wears me out just witnessing it a few minutes each day when I read about their latest BS.

  6. Peaceful protest by regressives? No prob.

    Personal attacks, vulgarity, threats, vandalism, looting, arson, assault? Go sixties hardhat nuts on their stupid asses. A few weeks of bruises, concussions, and contusions and most of this will stop.

  7. at least if they are out in the streets protesting their mother has a chance to vacuum the crumbs off the basement couch.

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