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Not In My Backyard!

Paid clowns.

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  1. It might work for me to take in a few immigrants but they’d have to wear iron collars and be chained up at night. Days I’d hire them out for day labor and make them give me all their wages. I would feed and clothe them and let them sleep indoors, though.

    Oh. Wait. There’s that pesky 13th Amendment.
    Plus, I’m neither a democrat nor a mohammadman.

  2. Just another money laundering/cheap labor for big corp, that we get to pay for.
    Not illegal immigrants, undocumented democrats.

  3. The Africans who come here tell the propaganda machine that we who live here aren’t making them feel welcome.
    Boo Hoo!
    Would they be happy if we went to their country and lived on $60,000 of taxpayer money per family?
    Good thing their countries are such sh**holes or it may be a problem.

  4. But you don’t have to live like a refugee …

    Take your country back!
    (we may, one day, take ours back!)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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