Not only did Trudeau do blackface, he also stuffed his pants

I’m surprised he remembered to put it down the front.

The 4 second video of Trudeau in blackface does an inexplicable pan downward. Just as the clip is ending…. Oh! Canada!

Is that a baguette in his pocket or is he completely elated to see me? Could the pan downward be so we could see the complete “black” costume, with Trudeau including one of the more lurid stereotypes?
See for yourselves.

PS. Trudeau isn’t sure how many more of these there may be.

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  1. Did you hear Trudeau all this year saying how Trump wasn’t a nice, PC person? How he was mean to foreigners and didn’t respect other cultures? LMAO.

  2. When all you’re packing is something that resembles a cashew it’s necessary to create the illusion.
    They threw the dice when naming him and got lucky, he wasn’t able to be sexed until age 13.

  3. Do you know why I’m absolutely NOT offended by minorities putting on WHITE FACE and talking like nerds at comedy shows when they are trying to mock white people?

    That answer is pretty obvious, I don’t care in the least, especially when I drive by them at their bus stop.

  4. …The “Michelle Obama” is not believable with that size frame, you should have gone for the “Barry Soetoro” instead…

  5. …old story about a guy walking down a beach with his Russian friend, and all the ladies are goggling and staring at the American guy.

    The Russian asks him, “Why do they all stare at YOU so, we are about the same in looks and build, what do you have that I do not?”

    The American tells him, “Don’t look because it would be weird, but what I do is put a potato down my Speedos. This makes the gals go CRAZY for me!”

    The Russian decides then and there to do it the very next day.

    He gets up early, puts the potato in his swimsuit, and is surprised that as he walks down the beach that people of all sexes and ages just point and laugh.

    He walks up to his American friend and says, “I put the potato, why do they laugh so?”

    The American glances down, laughs, and says, “Because the potato is SUPPOSED to go in the FRONT.”

  6. One of his blackface photos also shows his hand fully covering a woman’s bare chest. Is no one going to talk about that part of it? It was a definite #metoo moment.


    Get this guy off the world stage immediately. Elect another leftist if you have to but get him back to his mansion. He’s the dumbest world leader of all-time.

  7. First the Canucks select the Loon to be their national bird and then they elect a Loon to run their looney country, EH!

  8. Definitely inherited mamas chronic manic depression problems. Nice as can be when he’s talking, and violently lashes out when interrupted. $10.5 mil to an ISIS murderer who’d been held in GITMO, and nothing for a soldier who lost a leg.
    Terrorists before defenders is not leadership!


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