Not smart to sneak up on a police horse

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  1. The horse will be required to go to anger management class, diversity and inclusion, have his funding cut, when it was clearly self defense.
    + HLM – Horse lives matter

  2. Knights Templars’ horses were
    highly trained to bite and kick
    anybody that got near them.DAM STRAIGHT!

  3. One of my rules of life is never get close enough to a horse to touch it or for it to touch me
    Another involves sharks, but that can wait for another time.

  4. Last week, I watched a few YT videos of horses kicking people. Simply amazed at the accuracy of their kicks.

  5. It’s so nice for this old guy to see that “karma” may actually exist and visit those who so richly deserve it!

  6. Sorry, but I’m going full SNS on everyone.

    1980. Summer. Hot. I’m leaving work in downtown St.L. and waiting at a stoplight behind two mounted St.L. police officers. The horse in front of me backs up, lifts it’s tail and proceeds to deposit the largest, wettest pile of shiite on my hood. Cop No.2 looks behind him to the left, looks at the hood, looks at me and damn near falls of his horse laughing.
    I had a box of computer parts in the back seat and tore a flap off and exited my car. I scraped the ginormous mound of HS off the hood, gave officer #1 a serious glare, who by this time had noticed what Dobbins had done, and mumbled something about the city paying for a car wash.
    I knew I had a crappy GM product, but geez, did the horse have to drive the point home so explicitly?

  7. I’ve seen horses kick with great accuracy to their sides and if you’re directly behind them, they’re not going to miss. I always pat their asses if I need to walk behind them and I still walk right behind them.

    I have a lot of respect for those feet especially a if I’m a stranger to that horse. Running up behind a horse to scare them is a pretty fucking stupid thing to do.

    Same with mules, always be wary with an unfamiliar animal. If they get you in the head, you can die.

  8. There was a time of ignorance and darkness, before the coming of our woke millenials, when every four year old who ever lived knew not to sneak up behind a horse

  9. “If they get you in the head, you can die.”

    Or the chest, or hit your thigh hard enough to tear a femoral artery, or clip your liver in half on your spine…

    Hoofed animal strikes are just wicked all the way around.

  10. One of my ex co-workers got kicked to death by one of his horses as he tended to it. It happened just after he retired three years ago. He was a good guy.

  11. Wasn’t it on this blog recently that the comment was made that there is nothing to be learned from the SECOND kick of a mule?

    Same concept. Bigger animal. Bet she doesn’t try that stunt again.

  12. F4UCorsair JULY 2, 2020 AT 1:12 PM
    “Sorry, but I’m going full SNS on everyone.”

    …well, it meanders enough and tells a tangentally related personal story enough, but it COULD be 5 to 14 paragraphs longer just to make sure no one gets to the bottom of it, but not bad for a first outing, not bad at ALL.

    I’d make you my apprentice but I think you’re older than me and also that you’d end up KILLING me after any extra exposure, then I have to do that whole ‘transferring my evil essense into my apprentice’ thing AGAIN, and I prefer to start anew with a young, HOT body that has NO problem drawing the ladies, no offense intended…;)

  13. …that said, MY horse story is that during my one abortive trip to the stables on my aunt’s house when I was but a lad, a horse in the stall stomped on my too-close foot at almost the same time as a cow pissed between the slats in ITS stall at one of my sisters some distance away, and that’s kind of where my PERSONAL experience with horses ends and why I work with STEEL, not FLESH, it’s just more cooperative and it’s waste product are both more predictable of output and less smelly of disposal…

  14. F4UCorsair JULY 2, 2020 AT 1:12 PM

    “1980. Summer. Hot.

    I knew I had a crappy GM product, but geez, did the horse have to drive the point home so explicitly?”

    …and since you brought it up, one of my FAVORITE cars was my 1980 Buick Electra with 2 massive doors and a 350 under the hood that I put a light bar on and made it my responder vehicle. Sure, it got 2 gallons to the mile, but it had leather automatic seats and GREAT AC and was huge as a yacht so anything BAD was happening WAYYY out at the ends of your fenders like it was in Africa or something, so it was goin’ to burnin’s in STYLE.

    GM kind of went to hell AFTER that, but the EARLIER stuff was QUITE powerful, even IF they never learned how to make an effective COOLING system for it…

  15. @ PHenry

    The expression is “There’s no education in the second kick of a mule”
    {For future reference}

  16. She allowed herself to get a little too comfortable around a horse just because she performed an act with one in Tijuana a few times.

  17. During this Covid hoax thing, I’ve been watching bunches of vids about the BLM (Bureau of Land Mgmt) mustang program and about the people who buy and train them. Amazing what they can do in 90 days’ time!

    I’ve also learned that horses are trained to be unspookable in order for them to be predictable in all settings.

    Since a police horse will be exposed to every sort of spooky situation — cars, motorbikes, pedestrians moving around all sides of them, loud noises, parades, and so on — I would imagine a police horse has nerves of steel and it would be unacceptable to have a horse that spooked or kicked in response to being spooked.

    So I must conclude that police horse was trained to strike out at an intentional attack. Horses aren’t very smart, but they are easily trained. I think I like the idea that the horse was trained to do that.

  18. Anonymous, too many instances of the 11th letter of the alphabet, an infamous symbol of the Demo(n)crat Party


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