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Not Sure I Want to Know What China Was Going to Do With 7,000 Donkey Penises

Daily Mail

Nigerian officials have intercepted 7,000 donkey penises at an international airport after the smell from the packages aroused suspicion.

The donkey penises were being smuggled to Hong Kong in 16 sacks but customs officers at Murtala Muhammed airport in the Nigerian city of Lagos intercepted the packages.

Sambo Dangaladima, the customs controller at the airport, told the BBC that the animal parts were found in sacks in the animal export section. More

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  1. Let’s see. 7,000 dickless donkeys. Donkey is the mascot of the Democrat party. There’s some deep symbolism there.

  2. “The donkey penises were being smuggled to Hong Kong in 16 sacks”
    Works out to about 440 per.
    That would be a bag of dicks.

  3. Damn you, Nigeria – you’ve just sentenced 49,000 Chinese men to continued erectire dysfunction. A shamefur dispray of hostirity towards tried-and-true ancient medicine.

  4. Because donkey penises are longer and wider than a Chinaman’s dick. I had to check to see if I was close…

    Wanker sizes are very important to men. Some of you may wish that you were from Ecuador they come out #1 in size, pretty sure the Chinese want the same. Ecuador Erect length: 17.61 cm Body size 1.67 m Pervcentage of height 10.54%. Cambodia Erect length 10.04 cm Body size 1.65 m Percentage of height 6.09 %.

  5. I don’t know wtf is gonna happen to the donkey dicks, but the customs official at the airport has the BEST name:
    Sambo Dangaladima.

    Thinking I should maybe transition from Agatha Kakalogical to Sambo Dangaladima, LOL!

  6. Goldenfoxx

    Why do women make terrible machinists?

    Because most of their lives there’s a man trying to convince them that something that is 4 inches long is actually 6 inches long.

  7. What about those poor donkeys who lost their dicks? There ought to be a law against DGM (donkey genital mutilation).

  8. @Goldenfoxx
    SEPTEMBER 9, 2022 AT 5:32 PM

    “Wanker sizes are very important to men. “

    Hey, YOU’RE the one who Googled the linked research! 🙂

  9. Original article: ” the bags aroused suspicion.”
    IOTW version: ” the
    packages aroused suspicion.”.

    Clever, subtle editing Dr. Tar

  10. Must be some “tranmissioning” but they’ll still be just be women with a donkey penises. LMAO, Science settled

  11. No doubt the things were destined to be delivered to ole donkey-face AOC who will be missing them. Add that the Communist Chinese also send hunter-operatives to the US to hunt down and kill our deer for their antlers. The Chinese deer-killing is for making some bogus fake ‘medicine’ concoction from the antlers and then peddled fraudulently on ebay and amazon as ‘cures’ for this that and the other thing.


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