‘Not sure’ third in latest 2020 Democratic poll, ahead of Bloomberg

WaEx: His strong showings in Iowa and New Hampshire have further pushed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders into the lead for the 2020 Democratic nomination, but as evidence that voters are puzzled with their choices, “not sure” is third.

In the latest Economist/YouGov survey, 30% of Democratic voters expect Sanders to win the nomination. He is followed by former Vice President Joe Biden, at 23%.

Then, “not sure“ comes in at 17%, followed by former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg at 11%. more

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  1. There is precedent because in one fictional instance, “Not Sure” actually became president after he solved the crop crisis and survived his rehabilitation sentence. Come to think of it, when it comes to Democrats, “Not Sure” may actually be the smartest one of them, and he will have his pick of Fritos as vice-president.

  2. The nose pickers seem a little unsure. After elevating Obama to a god like status and then see him crushed like a bug under the shoe of Trump it must be worrying. Haha

  3. The Libertarian Party has a good ballot practice that’s a requirement in all LP voting: one of the choices must be NONE OF THE ABOVE.

    If NOTA gets the plurality of votes, then a new vote takes place and all of the previous ballot choices are ineligible and the choices are all new ones.

    Side note: The LP has some good ideas but they’re really stupid about implementing them. A good many of the things the LP wants to do they want to do RIGHT NOW! without first totally destroying the welfare/nanny state.

  4. There is a 100% chance the DNC and powers that be do everything in their power to ensure Bernie does NOT get the nomination. That is the only thing you can take to the bank at this point of their ‘process’.

  5. The establishment fix will be in: Bloomberg is going to get the nomination.

    Sanders will get three votes, butthead will get 2, etc.

  6. didn’t “not sure” want to water the plants with toilet water ?

    “idiocracy” – the training film for all modern politicians


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