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  1. This guy looks pre diabetic. Maybe currently diabetic. He certainly looks low T. That big ass belly and his skin color are a little alarming actually. I don’t think he could currently get a woody unless he stuck an air hose up his ass. These women weren’t raped. They just forgot to leave. Screw all these ass holes.

  2. You know, back in my day, the Jooos wanted their names to be pronounced with a long i, as in -styne. It was considered low class to have your name pronounced -steen.

    Of course, in this creep’s case, it’s pronouned “-stain” as in sh!tstain.

  3. @Sylvia: The “steyn” pronunciation is actually the correct one, because “stein” comes from German (means “stone”).

    I know this is true, because when I was in Germany I never saw anyone drinking beer out of their steens.



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