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Not That Ol’ Type Accident Again

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  1. Hey, God gets bored too.

    Love how the wheel comes back to add insult to injury.

    Be interesting to know if the guy lived.

    Probably doesn’t feel great if so.

  2. Is it evil that I laughed when the tire came back and slammed into his rear end?

    I’m leaving now…

  3. That is some seriously bad luck.
    At :28 you can see the brake rotor still attached to the inside of the wheel. I’m not sure about the details of a GM 4×4 front axle design but I suspect the spindle broke.

  4. Had that happen to me on the 90s on the MA pike. Ball joint let go, luckily the passenger side. stopped in a shower of sparks in the breakdown lane. front tire was a long way away. Didn’t trust Chrysler for a long time after that. No one hurt, no damage to anyone else. Glad no peanut cars were around.

  5. The tire had one job but it opted for two.

  6. …when I was working on cars for Sears 100 years ago, they called those “Wheel-Offs” and as a corporation this was a big problem for them as tire busters were low paid, low skilled, and didn’t in many cases have their own tools so used the crappy worn-out Company supplied ones, including anemic air hammers. This was also around when aluminum and composite wheels were starting to take over for steel, and many were easily damaged.

    The RIGHT thing to do was to use a torque wrench AND, especially with non-steel wheels, RETORQUE them after 50 or 100 miles. This almost never happened, but some corporate wanker who apparently never worked in a garage came up with purhasing “torque sticks”, which were 1/2″ drive extensions color-coded for the torque they were supposed to represent. The air gun would simply stop at the torque the stick was designed for.

    In theory.

    …in practice this DID reduce damage to aluminum wheels from OVERtorquing. BUT, as it was an UPPER end mechanical limit, it did NOTHING to reduce UNDERtorque as a weak air gun would stop at whatever weakness they had, and there was no way to tell that it wasn’t the stick that stopped it.

    They were also supposed to follow a torque pattern, typically a star pattern or skipping every other nut, and do it at least twice. This was so you didn’t bolt the wheel on cocked on the hub so it SEEMED tight, but wasn’t. We had OUR kids pretty well trained and if I did an alignment I would check their work so OUR shop didn’t really have a problem, but Company wide I don’t think they EVER resolved it except by going out of business.

    Now the kids are even lazier, harder to train, less likely to listen, and use rechargeable air hammers instead of pneumatic.

    And don’t know jack about torque soecs and care even less.

    Remember that when you get up next to someone on the highway.

    Enjoy the ride…

  7. @SNS
    I have engineered impact wrenches. You are correct that those “torque sticks” were a joke and could never be able to control the torque an impact wrench produces.
    NEVER…and I mean NEVER! use an impact tool to tighten a fastener. They are not designed for controlled torque applications.
    And don’t fool yourself into thinking you can make everything OK by following up with a torque wrench. That will only catch undertorqued fasteners.

  8. What twitter faggot is too sensitive for this this video where it needs to tattle tale to the rest of us to acknowledge it’s sensitivities before the rest of us can see it?

  9. Could also result from crap aftermarket parts that keep finding their way onto vehicles in order to look cool. Around here it’s the extreme offset wheels and tires 1” thick. There are some that shouldn’t be allowed to have a pickup with the abominations I’ve seen.

  10. No No No. The Chevy had improperly installed wheel spacers. All the new rage with prepuberty red necks. Stupid. But not uncommon. I saw this a couple days ago, and shame on me, I laughed. I do hope the pink haired fat girl driving that thing survived.

  11. The left rear axle on my 55 Chevy station wagon started to separate on me while going down the long hill into Connell, Wash. on the old 2 lane Hwy. 395 on my way back to Portland, Ore. just after New Years Day in 1972. I was flying low coming down that long hill with the emergency brake on, driving in neutral, honking the horn the whole way down into Connell, praying fervently that nothing serious would happen and was fortunately able to finally stop without crashing or hitting anything. It was a scary ride down that hill, believe me. I had to have my car fixed at a local service station after I had to call my dad to wire me some money to fix the car, It cost me and my dad under $100 to repair that rear axle which was a lot of money in 1972 but I was able to pay my dad back later. My guardian angel did a good job of watching over me that day. The old 2 lane 395 before they improved it to 4 lanes and a major highway between Ritzville and the Tri Cities sucked.

  12. I’m actually impressed with the integrity of the body of that Kia. I’d like to know the fate of the passengers.

    And asshole redneck needs to keep his modified truck-a-saurus in pig sty slop where it belongs now, not going 80mph on a public highway. He prolly don’t have no insurance, neither. hyuk

  13. I scrolled through some of the twitter comments:
    That Kia lost its Soul.
    You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel …

  14. The only really dangerous traffic accident I have been in was being hit by the outside wheel of a dually that had separated from a Winnebago motor home on the opposite side of the freeway. No time to react, save to grip the steering wheel tighter. Fortunately, I was in the habit of keeping my lap belt tight. The wheel had stooped bouncing when it hit the car, a ’64 1/2 Mustang coupe, dead center on the water pump (everything ahead of it was flattened like tinfoil). A few inches to the left or right and the car would have spun at freeway speed in traffic. If it had still been airborne it would have gone through the windshield. I was not injured, the car was totaled and the cars behind me escaped damage. No one was injured in the overfilled Winnebago (baby in the stairwell), even though it fell on its side and slid to a stop when the back wheel came off.

    As to torque wrenches, I had to take the same Mustang to get heli-coils installed in my transmission to stop a persistent leak caused by some ham-fisted moron using a torque wrench to reassemble it after a previous repair (before I owned it), stripping threads from several bolt holes.

  15. My biggest hope is some ‘woke’ liberal got the worse of it.

  16. Brad
    MARCH 26, 2023 AT 9:42 PM
    “No No No. The Chevy had improperly installed wheel spacers. All the new rage with prepuberty red necks. Stupid. But not uncommon.”

    Probably so, those were after my time. In my day Crager wheels were what the White kids were doing (I couldn’t afford Crager so I had Keystones), and the minorities were lowering the cars to heights that made alignment meaningless and putting fragile neon tubes under them, usually in such a way you couldn’t lift the car or even pull it on a drive-on alignment rack without risking busting one out.

    The stupid things kids do changes, but that kids do stupid things does not.

  17. “Is it evil that I laughed when the tire came back and slammed into his rear end?” -Claudia

    God called while you were out. He’s disgusted but wants sticky buns and coffee for breakfast.

  18. There’s another vidjayo floating around, similar thing but with a motorcycle. Some goon cruising on one wheel, the other one pointed at 12 o’clock, and a bike in front of him slows down. The guy pulling the wheelie rolls his back wheel right up the back wheel of the bike in front of him and goes sky high. Quite a sight to behold.

  19. Some Cro-Magnon garage weasel jackhammered the wheels on my car so bad the rotors were warped. Doesn’t help that rotors are paper thin nowadays.

  20. DAAAAMMMN. I love the bit where the tire they hit rear-ends them again.

  21. When I was about 17 years old working at the Main PX Service Station on Ft Lewis I went to lunch with one of the mechanics in Tillicum. On the way back to work on I-5 a mounted tire passed us and he made some snide comment about it. When braked to exit the freeway his truck nosedived into the pavement.

  22. @ Brad MARCH 26, 2023 AT 9:42 PM


    My dad was a tire distributor who paid attention to detail. You couldn’t get him to ride in a car with those aftermarket aluminum stylish wheels on a bet. There are damn good aftermarket forged aluminum wheels, but most of them are cast junk.

    Those spacers are an absolute death wish.

  23. @ geoff the aardvark MARCH 26, 2023 AT 9:46 PM

    I saw something in Connell I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes. I was in the service station buying a frozen breakfast burrito and a bunch of Mexican roofers were in line in front of me. Each had a large energy drink and two of those little Five Hour Energy. They paid and were standing there waiting for their buddies and opened the energy drink and took a pull off it then to my horror opened both the Five Hour Energy bottles and poured them in and swirled the can to mix it. Then they slammed the entire can.

    Holy shit, I got a single 24 oz can of that shit free at the sprint car track and drank it over the course of ann hour and thought I might be having a heart attack.

  24. ACParker
    MARCH 26, 2023 AT 10:01 PM

    “As to torque wrenches, I had to take the same Mustang to get heli-coils installed in my transmission to stop a persistent leak caused by some ham-fisted moron using a torque wrench to reassemble it after a previous repair (before I owned it), stripping threads from several bolt holes.”

    Must have been a guy who didn’t know how to set it then, or didn’t have the right torque spec.

    The whole point of hand torquing with a torque limiting (or at least indicating) wrench is to NOT do that.

    But any tool is only as good as the hand that wields it.

  25. I only drank some Red Bull once while making my deliveries. On the way back to Spokane from Sandpoint, Idaho on Hwy. 2 Just N. of the city I started to crash and burn from drinking the Red Bull. I had the windows wide open; the radio going full blast and was slapping myself in the face just to stay awake, long enough to get back home safely. Never again, and besides Red Bull is basically liquid speed and tastes like hell.

  26. Not only did the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil truck’s tire kill the poor widdow ecoshitbox, it came back to try & finish the job!

  27. I’ve never driven to the point that I got tired.

  28. Say what? MARCH 27, 2023 AT 10:16 AM
    “I’ve never driven to the point that I got tired.”

    …I’m tired the moment I get in a car.

    But that probably has something to do with leaving for work at 0430.


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