Not that this is a big friggin’ deal, but…

Update- As promised. This is my age. (Now the auto enthusiasts have to weigh in and tell everyone what year this vehicle was born.)

(Ahhh, screw it. 57! There were many people who nailed it. The most impressive being Jerry Manderin the Elder, who got it based on Jerry the Younger’s vague descriptors.)


It’s been the old Jack Benny joke that I’m 39 since we started shouting out people’s birthdays.

Some people email to ask how old I really am… mostly guys(????) ((wth????))

Like I said in the title, not that it’s any big friggin’ deal, but I will say how old I really am in this thread tomorrow.

But I’m interested in knowing how old everyone thinks I am.

Try to resist too many jokes in the comments and offer up your guess.

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  1. wait! … since this is not ‘a big friggin deal’ I’m thinking a milestone (or millstone, as the case may be)

    60 …. or fossilization at 65 …

  2. I’d say less than 50. But it doesn’t matter, for all the people I don’t know, you’re one of my favorites. Keep up the great work!

  3. BFH – how many people on here have you met?

    I can’t name them, because they would be kidnapped and strapped to a chair and whipped until they told how old I was.
    Just of the readers…
    6. -bfh

  4. I started on here right after Obama was installed. I want to say that you’re a year or two older than I am..

    Let’s go with 57.

  5. Can you drive a golf ball more than 250 yards? That’s right, bad shoulder, 200 yards?

    Shoulder healthy I topped out at 270. But 230 seemed to be my usual crappy mis-hit distance. -bfh

  6. Darn, I was hoping you were under 40, it gives me hope in the future when the under 40 crowd aren’t brain dead idiots.

    Sorry, I can’t guess how old you are without more information. Did you drink from a water hose when you were a kid? Did you ride a bike without a helmet? Did you ever spend Saturday nights listening to records? Did you resist cassette tapes because all of your good music was on 8-tracks? Did you grow up listening to the radio because you didn’t have a television? Did you grow up watching a black and white television? Did you ever watch the bug races on tv?

    Did you drink from a water hose when you were a kid? YES Did you ride a bike without a helmet? YES Did you ever spend Saturday nights listening to records? YES Did you resist cassette tapes because all of your good music was on 8-tracks? NO Did you grow up listening to the radio because you didn’t have a television? NO Did you grow up watching a black and white television? NO Did you ever watch the bug races on tv? NO – bfh

  7. I’m 50 & 11/12ths and BFH has a vast music knowledge starting 4 years before mine, i’m going with 57 years old !!!

  8. 14

    Nah! I’m just going by the things that you “share” here. Arm pit “farting” and the like.

    Your “personality” age (don’t know what else to call it) is about 26, maybe early 30’s. It’s a compliment, Fur! Love you to pieces!!

  9. Figuring you 1st as a boomer, I proffer that if you post for us the first record (album)you ever bought, I can correctly extrapolate your age with clarity and accuracy that will astound and amaze.
    However, if your first record required 78 rpms, all bets are off.

    First album I bought was Bad Company… by Bad Company. -bfh

  10. I’ve met you, but I’m terrible at guessing ages. Besides, it has been a few years. I certainly don’t want to offend. I’ll guess 51. A youthful looking 51. 😄

    Yes, you were counted among the 6- bfh

  11. It’s been a couple years Fur, and I’m not too observant, and my memory is about as long as my, never mind. 53?

    You are in the gang of 6 as well. I’m not sure you got a good look at me because you’re about 7′ 9″ tall. -bfh

  12. When you light the candles on your cake does the room temperature raise
    10 degrees
    20 degrees
    30 degrees
    In 15 seconds

  13. After I met you, people asked me what you looked like. I said you reminded me of a young Jeff Daniels (young—NOT how he looks now!). Oh, my. You should have seen the photoshops that produced!

    And I have never told anyone your name, and I never will.

    Oh geez-

    I have better hair. -bfh

  14. Wait, but then again I remember a conversation about meeting Marty Balin. Starship or Airplane that puts him in his 50’s.

  15. Brad told us his age…. no big deal. That’s why I like Brad.
    You may not like his point of view but he tells you how it is.
    By the way I’m 55

  16. Wait, you sorta remember where you were when Kennedy was shot. So older than my guess.
    I’m going to change my guess to 59.

    Now you’re going to have to answer whether you’ve ever listened to 8-tracks and if not then why? Maybe you weren’t a night owl and went to bed before the stations went off the air or you never had a lazy bone who just didn’t want to get up and turn the tv off. lol

    I’ve listened to 8-tracks, of course. But I was very into cassettes. I’m a nite owl. – bfh

  17. You said you were in art school when Reagan was shot in 1981 and were appalled by the disgusting reactions of your teachers, so … 57

  18. For some reason I’m getting a foggy recollection re your age. I’m thinking you’re a ’59 model, which would have made my first guess a little flattering, but I bet you can still pass for a few years younger.

  19. You’ve made comments before that seem to imply you were in high school in the late 70s. Which makes you about 10 years older than me.

    So you’re mid-50s.

  20. I mentioned to my Dad today that it was your birthday and he asked me how old you were. I gave him a vague detail you mentioned to me once and he placed you at age 57.

    So I’ll go with that. 57.

  21. Judging by your work ethic and pop culture knowledge base, I’m going with 57. Plus, your ability to laugh at yourself almost certainly rules out GenX or Millennial age groups.

  22. Is it true that Burger King was only a Prince when you were a kid, and Baskin Robbins only had 3 flavors at that time?

  23. So you are seven days older than me. Do you consider yourself a Boomer, or a Gen X? I’ve always felt more like a Gen X.

  24. That is a 1960 Apache. Very good.

    I am not a boomer.
    I am a gen x.
    I have a boomer brother. There is definitely a different mindset.

  25. 57? I was 57 once. You’re just a whippersnapper, a likable whippersnapper but a whippersnapper none the less, like I was once without the likable part.

  26. I would have thought you were younger than me, I turned 49 less than a month ago.

    You don’t get older, you get longer.

  27. I’ve seen a photo of the real you; I think you really ARE 39. I suppose that is not possible given your history, so I’ll have to add 10 years. 🤔

  28. BFH, my car had an 8-track player and I wasn’t about to spend the money on something new plus have to buy new cassettes.
    I did give in eventually though, but could never part with my old 8-track player or my 8-track tapes. Still have them today, although my 8-track player quit working a few years ago and after discovering the cost to fix it, found a cheaper rebuilt one on ebay.

    I had a bad habit of falling asleep to the bug races. I can remember when my siblings and I would pull out the sleeper sofa and pile on to watch tv, then when it went off the air we’d all argue who was going to get up and turn the tv off. One of my brothers would always say, “I like the bug races I’m not getting up.” Some time during the night one of our parents would come in a turn the tv off then we’d hear at breakfast how much electric we wasted.

  29. I would have guessed late 40s, early 50s based on some of the music threads. 1957 was a good year. 1958 was just a little better. 😉

  30. Hey wait a sec., I thought boomers were born between 1946-1964? If you’re 57 (born 1960), that would make you at least a boomerang, no?

  31. I didn’t say what I was “technically.”
    I was asked what I considered myself.

    I know of all the things “boomer,”
    but I identify as a Gen X.

    Mentally, I am nowhere near 57.

    That Nelson broad who is accusing Moore of stuff is a year younger than me.
    I watch her testify and I have to remind myself that this is a contemporary.

  32. I’ve long lusted for a 57 Chevy Apache truck.
    But I always bring myself back down to earth.
    I hate working on cars and am not rich like Jay Leno so I can’t afford a staff of mechanics.

  33. I lBFH,

    I always thought we were very close in age.

    You are 3 months older than me. High school class of 1979.

    Keep up the good fiight!

  34. Well, anyway, happy 39th. That’s my age and I’m sticking to it. (Really, I’m older than you, sigh). I’m a boomer but I hope you don’t hold that against me.


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