Not Your Ordinary Coffee Commercial

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  1. Not a big fan of the cussing…..but I love the message, love the patriotism and love the rousing American attitude. If I drank coffee, I’d order from them and them only!!

  2. Lazlo drinks their stuff. I found the beauty of black coffee with them. Up til now I was dosing it with chemicals. Now I drink their Just Black with just a dab of honey so I can truly take my coffee the way Thomas Jefferson took his:
    “Hot as Hell, Black as sin, Strong as temptation, and Sweet as love”

  3. Coffee with a hard corps attitude.

    I don’t need a socialist snowflake to brew my coffee or write my name on my cup. I know who I am and I damn sure know who they are. F ’em.

  4. i can hear the disclaimer now. *in low pitched fast radio announcer voice. . . (language, patriotism, testosterone and common sense alert. may cause bended knee, mass crying and hysteria in the uneducated)

  5. No seriously. Hit the link I posted above if you like bathroom humor. I’m still laughing about it.

    And that’s just not who I am. Snort.

    It takes a lot to keep me chortling this long.

  6. I’m not convinced that Brad_Bad is Bad_Brad. Who else is going to change their name. Or are these imposters. I’m not liking where this is going.

  7. Good news, I don’t mind change, but stability is good too. However, 6pakJoe is worth considering. That’s a good name, someone other than me might use it.

  8. Nope, can’t order it from the company beins in Guam. I can buy at Amazon though. Looks like most of their line is on there.

    I been drinking Bustelo instant at work. That’s pretty good shiznit and cheap.

  9. I love them and I love their “covfefe”! I currently have “Sniper’s Hide” and “Gunship” in my BRCC ammo can/coffee container. 😁

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