Note the Date for AOC’s Time Cover

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  1. Fooled Me!

    But I voted for Barry in ’64 and Ronny in -‘66,66,70,70,72.76.80,80,84 +’84.

    I would do all of these votes the same way if I could again. Every one was the right vote. Unlike some of my other votes.

    BTW if you have not figured it out SHE WILL NOT GET MY VOTE! When the Luce family started pushing Socialism 60 years ago, I canceled my subscription!

  2. If you have a spare dollar you might be able to buy it! If not, they will probably just give it to you!

  3. Wow she made it to Time Mag. Even she has to be a little surprised to get all this attention while not on her back.

  4. April Fool!

    Btw, she hates being called cortez. So c
    all her cortez. Crooked Cortez would be better.

  5. …the Stalinesque pose with the “who cut one?” expression is socialistically appropriate, it just needs some sunrays in the background, and maybe some children wearing armbands and looking stoically upwards into a glorious Party future…

  6. Geez… for flaming libtards, Slime has a better sense of humor than I would’ve given them credit for! 🤔

  7. FDR….please accept my apology….you should be first. The other two guys were pikers compared to you. Nobody made socialism more acceptable to more people than you.

    Certainly not Hitler, Stalin, or Mao. But sir, you did.

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