Noted Literary Professor Participates in Ridiculous Racial Division – “If you’re white, don’t culturally appropriate and write about blacks.”

Have we reached peak idiocy yet?

Think about it.

If whites don’t write about blacks they’re racist.

If whites write about blacks they’re culturally appropriating.

Do you see what’s going on here? It’s a can’t win situation that is being attempted to set up. I say “attempted” because I highly doubt whites lose this war.  We’re not France.



12 Comments on Noted Literary Professor Participates in Ridiculous Racial Division – “If you’re white, don’t culturally appropriate and write about blacks.”

  1. S.O.S. was said by feminists 50 years ago to men. IDJITS!
    Did anyone tell those 2 white>>>black twits (Rachel and…whoever)?


    TO UA
    You mean, they’re “dehumanizing” you?!? Reeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 😉

  2. A fairly recurrent strategy in nihilism/socialism land.
    Demand diametrically opposing cross-purposes and then condemn failure.
    (If in power a la Hitler, Stalin, or Mao that failure bears a death penalty.)

    One easy example: Demand all the wheat – including the seed for next year’s planting – and then decry the farmers as “wreckers” and “fifth columnists” when the farms don’t grow anything – demand collectivization – and then kill all who still don’t produce any wheat, regardless that there’s no seed.

    Only negroes can know the “negro” experience (whatever that may be) and only fags can know the “fag” experience, only women can understand the “women” experience, &c., &c., &c. and thus we separate and compartmentalize – estrange – society – until the only source of mediation is the All-Powerful State. Every man’s hand raised against every other man – Racism, Sexism, Hate, Scorn, Mistrust, Suspicion become rampant – destroying the family and, ultimately, civilization.
    This is not idle speculation – see: Communist China, International Socialist Soviet Union, National Socialist Germany, Italian Socialist Italy, &c.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Kudos Tim. And by their logic, only whites can know what it is to have some dignity, self-respect, desire to do right, etc. etc.

    IOW, screw all the lesser cretins. They will never measure up because they’re choose to justify their failures instead of perfecting themselves. So I am correct to deem them SECOND CLASS CITIZENS by their own choice.

    *And yes, Western Civilization includes Judeo-Christian ethics, simply stated in The Golden Rule. “Diversity” is a non-starter.

  4. Since basketball was invented by a white man, I demand all blacks leave the NBA; it’s cultural appropriation, after all!

  5. Peter Ho Whateverhisname is another recent immigrant who does not appreciate the basis of the exceptionalism of the USA.
    He is defending his career niche: to write as an oppressed person of mixed culture heritage. If whites are allowed do that, he’s out of work.

    “It is a very rare person whose principles go against their financial interests.”

    And because he used his 1st Amendment Right unwisely, I will use mine to say his opinion is trash.

  6. No one can know what it is like to be a protected minority but protected minorities know everything about being a straight white person.

  7. Progressives have gone 100% borderline personality. I don’t see any place in that padded room of a D party for people with moderate views, Christians or Jews or anybody who is not frothing at the mouth insane.


  8. Than do not insist “To Kill a Mockingbird” needs be removed from schools when daily TV/radio play allows uneducated trash using the same word and make millions of dollars from it. Maybe you should read the book!


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