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Notes Notes Notes

Via Louder with Crowder’s show notes:

On Tuesday, Pfizer announced it has acquired Arena Pharmaceuticals. SOURCE: Pfizer.

UK physicians are warning 300k people are facing heart-related illnesses due to “post-pandemic stress disorder.” “Post-pandemic stress disorder” could result in a 4.5% increase in cardiovascular cases, such as coronary heart failure. SOURCE: Standard.CO.UK

In June, the FDA added a warning label to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines about myocarditis, AKA heart inflammation. SOURCE: FDA

Japan recently put a myocarditis warning on the vaccine vials. SOURCE: NHK

The CDC held an emergency meeting in June over reports of myocarditis. SOURCE: EpochTimes

University of California researchers found boys ages 12-15 were at more risk of hospitalization for myocarditis following vaccination than of hospitalization due to COVID. SOURCES: TheGuardianMedxriv

Fauci admitted to the differential risk that mRNA vaccines pose to younger men. SOURCE: ABC News

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7 Comments on Notes Notes Notes

  1. “Post-pandemic stress disorder”?!?!?!?
    And morons will buy it.

  2. So PPSD is found in people who got jabbed. But it is due to stress from lockdowns, etc. Okay Pfizer, you’re absolved.

  3. When is this “post pandemic” they speak of supposed to happen?

  4. Where do I sign up for the settlement? Predicted pay out?

  5. I guess the athletes all over the world dropping dead on the field are all stressed after the pandemic and not before. 🙄

  6. Post-pandemic?

    Are they saying the ‘pandemic’ is over?

    Because if it is, then why the masks, vaccines, various mandates and continued social distancing?


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