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I think in addition to thumbing up your funny, pithy, insightful and truthful comments, we should pull a quote now and then and throw it out there on social media.

Alert me to a quip or comment that you feel is noteworthy. Email me at Put NOTEWORTHY in the subject line. Link me to the post where the comment appeared.

Make them on the short side. Make sure they don’t require a lot of context to understand.

Yes you can nominate yourself. (No one will know.)

Please, no hard feelings if a quote doesn’t get spotlighted. I’m a fickle frig.

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  1. “Alert me to a quip or comment that you feel is noteworthy. Email me at. . .”


    Jordan Swallows

  2. In all honesty, it was something that WMAL radio’s Chris Plante said a while back.
    I thought it was brilliant.

    If you aren’t in the DC area, you can always download the iHeartRadio app and listen from 9 to noon eastern.
    He’s smart and hilarious. One of us.

    He was spot on with that comment.

  3. PHenry-

    He said it… you remembered it. Wrote it.
    I saw it.
    Re-quoted it.

    Now it belongs to the ether, courtesy of iOTW.

    It’s the same way Michael Savage gets credit for coining “occasional cortex”

  4. You know, people have ben emailing me a lot saying “didn’t you make up occasional cortex”?

    My answer is, if someone thought of it prior to me publishing it, so be it. But I know I didn’t see it anywhere before.
    Truth is, you know how it came to be?
    It was a typo on Reason Magazine.

    In a lengthy paragraph, where they wrote Cortez a few times, one of them had a typo that said Cortex.

    This was a very long time ago.

  5. As long as it’s not a lyric to an REM song. Those gentry hippie millionaire assholes will be crying to Jack in a heartbeat.

  6. @Fur – Local Phoenix radio station KFLI has an advertiser, Bill’s Pest & Termite Control.”

    Bill says “occasional cortex” in his recent ad (they’re all creative, funny and lean right – kind of like everything here).

    I asked his inspector to ask Bill where he got that from. Haven’t heard back, yet. I thought maybe he’s a iotwReport reader.

  7. “Noteworthy” comments from iOTWReport?
    Dude! You’re gonna be swamped!
    Just about every comment is insightful and worthy of note.
    Good luck widdat!

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Occasional Cortex was coined by a subscriber who claimed to be the source on Lucianne dot’s Salon. Unless of course….

  9. Hell’s bells! *I* liked the once-a-week reader music selections.

    I learned a lot about the people here and was also introduced to some interesting stuff, I was unlikely to ever find on my own. …..Lady in Red

    PS: It was a lot of work, I suppose. ….sigh.

  10. And the most noteworthy comments should be classified as FRILLIANT!

    I think with all the democommieRAT now in office I think we should also bring back the PUK Award!

  11. Heh…heh…

    Big Fur Hat just said he’s a pickled pig. Too funny.

    Whut?? Oh, wait, what? Uhhhh…well nevermind.

    Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  12. Also, do you know how many times I ‘thought of something” and then googled it to find that it was already thought of?

    it’s a big world out there.
    Imagine how Tesla felt, men who did important things, not just “creating memes.” lol

  13. I said my favorite BFHism to my son-in-law at the circus. A female trapeze artist was ascending the ladder in front of us to perform her routine. I explained, “If her costume gets any smaller we’ll be looking at her chocolate starfish.” It left laughing him in tears.

  14. My great great grandpa invented Global Warming! He was a cattle rancher in Texas and taught his cows how to FART!


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