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Nothing gets in the way of Barry’s golf game

Before rushing off to yet another golf game on Martha’s Vineyard, Barack Obama was briefed on the riots and destruction happening in Milwaukee.

If you feel like we’ve been here before, you would be right.

In August 2014, Barack Obama was enjoying rounds of golf and nights on the town on Martha’s Vineyard while Ferguson, Missouri burned.

In August 2013… more at Patriot Retort

10 Comments on Nothing gets in the way of Barry’s golf game

  1. Why should Barky stop his game? This is his game. Incite rebellion, killing of innocent people, murdering, rampaging, stealing, more killing. All from the Saul Alinsky playbook of revolution. All the people who voted for Barky should be sooooo proud. Your moms would have horsewhipped your asses.

  2. Oh he’s just being hisself. I didn’t hear him comment on any thing bout Louisiana either.
    President Golf Smart.


  3. Political elite are detached from this activity. Same with Wall Street vs Main Street. How many people here bought the all time higher high today in all 3 major indices? Someone did.

  4. if you can recall the gulf oil spill where the msm stood silent, obama decided to vacation, golf, and fund-raise while the gulf was in full disaster mode

    with all these self-aggrandizing shitheads, follow the actual actions closely to track their true colors, their words are completely vacuous and vapid

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