Nova: Edible Insects


Premieres Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021 at 9 p.m. & Sunday, Oct. 24 at 2 p.m. on KPBS TV + Oct. 24 at 9 p.m. on KPBS 2 / On Demand

From crunchy cricket chips to nutty black soldier fly grubs, “Edible Insects” leaps across cultural and culinary boundaries to explore the insect food industry and how it could benefit our health and our warming planet. From Thailand to Texas, cricket farmers are showing how the tiny critters stack up as an environmentally friendly alternative to beef protein. More

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  1. The place I used to get lunch at many times, a really good deli and meat market BTW, had fried crickets at the checkout register. I asked the checkout lady one time if anyone ever bought those damn things. She put her finger in her mouth and shook her head!

  2. maybe Nova could do a show on how aliens built the pyramids or how archaeologists finally found Noah’s Ark.

  3. Bill and Melinda and Matt Damon and Algore and Greta can show us the way with an insect roundtable, where they each chow down on a big bowl o’bugs. Yummy!

    Probably all vegans, which is why they are so keen on the rest of us eating bugs. – Dr. Tar

  4. Anybody remember Incredible Edibles the bug shaped toy electric bug maker mold that made supposedly edible candy type bugs for kids back in the 60’s. I had one and those fake bugs were incredibly nasty tasting. It was also good for heating the ingredients to make smoke bombs but that’s a different story that got me into a lot of trouble with my dad.

  5. @ geoff the aardvark – “…It was also good for heating the ingredients to make smoke bombs…”

    That wouldn’t be saltpeter and sugar, would it? I have a story of my own about that.

  6. Considering 50% are still voluntarily wearing masks when they don’t have to I can see this taking off among those morons. Same people eating synthetic meat products with 100 chemical ingredients, many that probably cause cancer to save the planet.

  7. Is this a tutorial of how things might be in the not so far distant future?

    Watch “Snowpiercer” sometime to get glimpse of how the people riding in the front of the train expect to feed the masses who have stowed away in the back (hint: it involves vats of bugs). – Dr. Tar

  8. geoff, do you remember the Mattel “Strange Change” toy?

    It had small cubes that when heated in the “time machine” would change shape to dinosaurs & other creatures.
    You then crushed them back to cubes in a vise.
    The graphics on the box were awesome for a kid.

    My older siblings had that when I was a kid. Pretty neat toy. – Dr. Tar

  9. Most likely a HUGE profit margin, bugs over beef. Feed them all kinds of garbage. Once the sheep are slaves, you’ll eat what we give you.

  10. Ah, the white grubs wiggling around under elephant dung, can’t beat those for a snack when your hungry and tired.

  11. I can hear it now, playing in the background while all the sheeple eat their bugs, “Hakuna Matata”.

  12. This is the shit the ruling class expects us lowly serfs to be eating in the coming decades… After that, they plan to feed us actual shit… Because tasty food is only for the ruling class you filthy slaves.

  13. Watching it now. Not a number one choice for food. However, if last resort…maybe.
    Interesting show, but it’s a PBS production, so there is a leftist tone portraying Western European meat eaters as wasteful and not as efficient, practical as bug-eating, below the equator indigenous “geniuses”.
    Also, the scientist in the show seriously see the future with insects as a primary food source for the global “masses”.

  14. The Rexall drugstore down the street from my house sold saltpeter, sulfur, etc. over the counter even to kids back then which we used to make smoke bombs. I’m not kidding, it was great and they didn’t bat an eye or ask us questions why we were buying salt peter, sulfur etc. And lye and aluminum foil mixed with water in a small plastic bottle or balloon produced hydrogen which could be used to make small explosives. My brother was very good at blowing the lids off of garbage cans all up and down the alley behind our house with that. If we did any of that now we’d be in big trouble. We were just boys enjoying being boys back then, nobody got hurt and we had tons of fun with experimenting with things that went boom.

  15. Nope. The inside of bugs is where all the “inside” stuff is. Bacteria and whatever they have to digest food. I don’t know how scientists can separate whatever may be edible mixed in with all that shit. Smash one and what do we see? Green or brown liquid slime oozing out. This is an idea straight out of Brave New World.

    It’s good food for NPR lying liberals.

  16. @Geoff

    True. Boys like to blow up stuff. We all did it. I tied a string of firecrackers to a tail of someone’s pet rabbit once and lit the fuse, just to see what it would do. He just hopped around and seemed oblivious to the bang band bang behind him.

  17. My dad wasn’t very happy with us one 4th of July when we were blowing up dog shit in our back yard with firecrackers. But he and his next oldest brother used to steal (or borrow) some of my grandfathers dynamite which he had on the farm for blowing up stumps to go fishing with back in the late 30’s and early 40’s on Hayden Lake just N. Of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

  18. If you’ve even seen the movie The Tree Of Life which I think is an underrated great movie there is a scene in there where the boys taped a frog to a model rocket and shot it up into the air. The Tree of Life is a very quirky and often sad movie that some people like and others hate but I particularly liked it even with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn in it.

  19. Figure I didn’t claw my way up to the top of the food chain to eat grass ans bugs. The human species greatest growth and intelligence increase came about due to the availability of cheap animal protein. Not from eating cockroaches.

  20. Geoff – my freshman year in college, my first room mate thought it would be funny to make a smoke bomb. So he put saltpeter and sugar into a coffee can and cooked it on a popcorn maker hot plate (remember those poppers from the 70’s?). I wasn’t there at the time, but apparently the contents boiled over the top of the can and spilled onto the hot plate. And then all hell broke loose.

    Our room was in the basement and the smoke from his “experiment” rose three floors into the dorm. When I got back to my dorm, there were Firemen and cops everywhere. He was charged with “making an incendiary device”)

  21. The dirtball makes a good point. “The human species greatest growth and intelligence increase came about due to the availability of cheap animal protein. Not from eating cockroaches.”
    Let’s compare societies that are civilized and well schooled (well fed) to those in, lets say North Korea or Somalia!
    No comparison!

  22. The Deep State at work preparing us plebes for our bug-eating future.

    Somehow I guess Bill Gates and the rest of our rulers won’t be eating bugs any time soon.


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