November Jobs Report Massively Misses Expectations – IOTW Report

November Jobs Report Massively Misses Expectations

210k Added vs 535k Anticipated, Financial Media Confused.

Americans are preparing, cutting back and hunkering down from the Hurricane that is Joe Biden’s inflation.

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  1. All things considered, 210K jobs added is way MORE than I would have foreseen. This is what you get when the government watches their own propaganda. How soon until the SHTF?

  2. It’s virtually impossible for a group of people that have never run a business, or for that matter even had a real job, to know how to create jobs. We’ve proven this time and time again, yet some idiots still vote Libtard.
    Higher taxes and more regulation have never created a singe job.

  3. Google Clif High….he’s on bitchute….

    He studies language and the web for predictions….

    He’s got some out there stuff….but overall worth the look.

  4. Don’t be fooled. The expectations are HIGHER than they wanted. Their goal is to destroy this country and the Constitution so they can start over.

    Everything (they think) is going according to plan; just not swiftly enough.

    At some point they’ll HAVE to make a concerted effort to remove the armed populace to have any measure of true success.

  5. I f’in HATE experts. Years ago in PA I had to submit to a lie detector test to get a truck driving job… and what a great job it was… The clown who administered the test informed me he was an ‘expert’ on trucks, trucking and trucking regulations. When the test ended I asked the ‘expert’ two questions that I pretended not to know the answers to. The lying M’fer lied his way through both answeres. Son of a bitch didn’t have a clue. Experts? SPIT !!!!

  6. @Badco

    What a world. There is a shortage of Truck Drivers so they make Hiring a total chore.
    These jackasses actually discourage workers.

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